Proper Tightening for Bolt in Torque Converter Group Is Required on Certain Track-Type Tractors, Excavators, Hydraulic Shovels, and Pipelayers {3101} Caterpillar

Proper Tightening for Bolt in Torque Converter Group Is Required on Certain Track-Type Tractors, Excavators, Hydraulic Shovels, and Pipelayers {3101} [M0123391]
Proper Tightening for Bolt in Torque Converter Group Is Required on Certain Track-Type Tractors, Excavators, Hydraulic Shovels, and Pipelayers {3101}
320D (S/N: KLM1-270)
Hydraulic Shovel
6030 (S/N: DHL1-30005,30007-30011,30015-30017,30021,30024,30026-30028,30030,30033,30036,30042,30045-30051,30053-30054,30056-30061,30063-30067,30069-30070,30074-30076,30078-30085,30087,30090,30092,30094,30100-30102,30105,30107-30110,30112-30113,30119-30120,30122,30124,30129-30130,30132-30135,30137,30139,30141-30145,30147,30149,30155,30159,30162-30163,30173,30175-30176,30179-30180,30183-30184,30187-30188,30190,30193,30195,30198-30199,30202,30204,30209-30210,30212,30215,30217-30218,30227,30230,30232-30235,30237-30238,30240-30241,30244-30245,30248,30252,30255,30258-30262,30264-30265,30267,30270,30278-30279,30282,30285,30287-30288,30291,30298,30300-30301,30303-30305,30307,30309,30311-30319,30322,30324-30327,30329-30331,30333-30334,30336-30340,30342-30343,30348-30353,30360,60162)
572R (S/N: AAC1-322; 2HZ1-395)
572R Series II (S/N: DSC1-250,302-546,700-724)
583R (S/N: 2XS1-585)
587R (S/N: BXL1-521)
587T (S/N: FAT1-586)
PL72 (S/N: P721-137,400-459; P731-132,400-418)
PL87 (S/N: KKJ1-319)
Track-Type Tractor
D5 (S/N: HR71,200-206; HL91-352; RG91-204,301-487; Z6A1-439; ZDA1-266)
D6G Series 2 (S/N: C6G1-2,100-105,1000-1739,11006,11045-11048; P6G1-285,1000-1667; BWJ1,206-753,779; C6X1-132)
D6GC (S/N: XPC1-104,200-202)
D6R (S/N: A6M1-101; EMM1-309; 2HM1-629,900-977; 4FM1-593,800-827; 8TM1-914,1200-1351; 9BM1-956,1200-1385; JEN1-403; 2YN1-581; 3ZN1-842; 4HN1-439,700-708; 4MN1-533; 5LN1-3639,75001,75003-75004,78001,78003; 6JN1-419; 7KN1-459; 8LN1-563; 8XN1-434,700-701; 9MN1-457,700-705; 9PN1-2008,75001,75003-75006; 4JR1-453,700-703; 4TR1-835,1000-1205; 4WR1-430,600-604; 5PR1-443,600-602; 5RR1-521,700-727; 6FR1-545,700-795; 6HR1-459,600-632,77001; 6MR1-601,700-778; 7AR1-589,700-726; 7DR1-468,600-616; 7GR1-629,700-754,78001-78002; 9ZS1-506,600-633; S6T1-920,1000; 1RW1-431,500-502; S6X1-2044; S6Y1-322; C6Z1)
D6R Series II (S/N: BNC1-477; ADE1-1169,75001-75003; BLE1-401; BRE1-503; DAE1-196; ACJ1-113; BMJ1-176; BRJ1-243; BMK1-163,501-597; BNL1-105,501-522; AEM1-138; AFM1-186; AGM1-111; BPM1-108; AEP1-795; BPP1-103,501-504; BPS1-113,501-514; BLT1-329; FDT1-422,75001-75002; AAX1-1568,75001; BMY1-545; BPZ1-237,501-630; BRZ1-148,501-590)
D6R2 (S/N: PPP1,140-290; SSS1-1332,1340-1345; TTT1-717)
D6T (S/N: CR31-129; CG81-109; SGA1-106; JHB1-569; KSB1-529,1125-2018; ZEB1-219; ZJB1,150-575,1050-1715,75001; JZC1,300-309; SMC1-643,1500-2043,78001; DTD1-277,1075-1309; JWD1-329,331-334,339; LBD1-210; RAD1,326-1038; LAE1-756,758,850-909; STE1-104,106-130; DJG1-251,287-535; WCG1-629,75001-75002; WFH1-551; EJJ1-231,233-239,300-316; LKJ1-665,700-712,76001,78001; SLJ1-384,1025-1291; GMK1,100-811,1000-1667; RRK1-205,300-307; SNK1-177; KJL1,367-1294; MEL1-243; SKL1-762; TSM1-222,300-418; WLM1-128,300-307; WRN1-583; KMR1-639; PLR1-145,500-721; WES1-419; GCT1-1163,2000-3007,78001; SGT1-553; JRW1-264,300-721,78001; RCW1-407,1100-1605; RLW1-255; LAY1-151,404-1667; TMY1-385; HTZ1,100-103,251-709; PEZ1-733)
D7G Series 2 (S/N: 7MB1,826-4527,5000-5736,11111,22222,33333,44444,55555; C7G1-111,197,1000-1192,1194-1477,5263,76001-76002; 65V1,855,918-919,930,940-943,1091,1093,1205-1207,1212,1218,1287-5408,5410-6961,6963-8812,9000-9665,75426,75626-75632,75634,75637,76001-76003; 92V1-827,933,1983,2062-2063,2112,2161,2529,2735,2854-2855,2861-2867,2869,2871,2886,2888,2935-2938,2941,2945,2954,3102,3130,3133,3282,3383,3385-3386,3507,3616,3684,3749,3759-3762,3793,3901,3904,4016,4068,4071,4083,4165-13015,75426-75437,76002-76003)
D7R (S/N: R7B1-388; R7C1-218; DSH1-473; R7H1-240; 9HM1-582,75001; DLN1-114; 2EN1-1296,75001-75006,76001,78001; 3DN1-409,75002-75004; DJR1-123; 2HR1-1074; 3ZR1-762,900-948; 4SR1-567,700-710; 5MR1-446,600-624,3546,5537; 6ER1-254,400-407)
D8R (S/N: MEJ1-409; RJM1-640,900-1082; 7XM1-5224,75001-75009,75011-75021,76001-76002,78001; 9EM1-1120,1200-7191,7400-9453,75001,76001-76003,76005-76006,77001,78001; T5X1-659)

Reference: Specifications, SENR3130, "Torque Specifications".

Description Of Change: The appropriate tightening gives better clamping of bearing retainer to the torque converter, which increases the performance of the machine.

Adaptable To: The following changes are adaptable to the machines within the listed serial numbers and are effective with all the machines after the listed serial numbers.

------ WARNING! ------

Do not operate or work on this product unless you have read and understood the instruction and warnings in the relevant Operation and Maintenance Manuals and relevant service literature. Failure to follow the instructions or heed the warnings could result in injury or death. Proper care is your responsibility.

------ WARNING! ------

When removing a major component or attachment, ensure that it is properly blocked or secured before removing mounting hardware. An assembly that is disconnected without proper blocking may shift or fall, resulting in serious injury or death of personnel or machine damage.

------ WARNING! ------

Sudden movement or accidental starting of the machine can cause personal injury or death to persons on or near the machine.

To prevent personal injury or death, perform the following:

Park the machine on a smooth, level surface.

Lower the work tool to the ground and engage the parking brake.

Stop the engine and remove the key.

Block the wheels and install the steering frame lock.

------ WARNING! ------

Personal injury or death can occur from heavy components falling during removal or installation.

Properly support the component with a suitable lifting device during removal or installation.

Table 1
Required Parts 
Item  Qty  Part Name  Part Number 
1T-0438(1)  Bearing Retainer 
1T-0446  Bolt 
(1) Replace, if the existing bearing retainer is deformed

Illustration 1g06601360
Typical example - Torque converter group
(1) 1T-0438 Bearing Retainer
(2) 1T-0446 Bolt

Assemble bearing retainer (1) inside the torque converter group, using bolt (2). Refer to Illustration 1.

Before assembly, apply blue Loctite® 243 to the threads and tighten six bolts (2) to 40 ± 5 N·m (30 ± 4 lb ft).

Information System:

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