2014/09/05 Cat Reman Has Added Valve Actuators, Valve Lifters, Rocker Arms, and Camshafts for Certain Machine Engines {1121, 1130, 1209, 1210} Caterpillar

Cat Reman Has Added Valve Actuators, Valve Lifters, Rocker Arms, and Camshafts for Certain Machine Engines {1121, 1130, 1209, 1210}
Articulated Truck:
730 (S/N: WWB1-UP; B1M1-UP)
730 EJECTOR (S/N: B1W1-UP)
730C (S/N: LFF1-UP; TFF1-UP)
D35-HP PS (S/N: 3FD1-UP)
D350E (S/N: 9LR1-UP)
D400 PS (S/N: 1MD1-UP)
D400D PS (S/N: 8TF1-UP)
D400E (S/N: 2YR1-UP)
D40D PS (S/N: 2JJ1-UP)
D44B PS (S/N: 8SD1-UP)
D550 PS (S/N: 4RD1-UP)
D550B PS (S/N: 5ND1-UP)
Cold Planer:
PM-465 (S/N: 5ZS1-UP)
PM-565 TT CP (S/N: 3TK1-UP)
PM-565B (S/N: 8GS1-UP)
PR-1000C (S/N: 5XC1-UP)
PR-450C TT CP (S/N: 7PJ1-UP)
PR-750B TT CP (S/N: 8AC1-UP)
PR-750C TT CP (S/N: 7CK1-UP)
Rotary Drill:
MD6240 (S/N: DN21-UP; DT41-UP; DS61-UP; DT61-UP)
MD6290 (S/N: DN31-UP; DS31-UP; DS51-UP; DT51-UP; DT81-UP)
MD6420 (S/N: DS71-UP; DT71-UP; DN91-UP; DT91-UP)
MD6420 B (S/N: DS81-UP)
MD6420 C (S/N: DN61-UP)
MD6420B (S/N: DT21-UP; DS91-UP)
MD6420C (S/N: DN51-UP)
MD6540 (S/N: DR51-UP)
MD6540C (S/N: DS41-UP)
MD6640 (S/N: DR61-UP)
MD6750 (S/N: DR71-UP)
Track Drills:
MD5050 (S/N: DR81-UP)
MD5050T (S/N: DR91-UP)
MD5075 (S/N: SER1-UP)
MD5090 (S/N: SEW1-UP)
MD5125 (S/N: SEZ1-UP)
MD5150C (S/N: SEY1-UP)
Landfill Compactor:
826C (S/N: 87X1-UP)
826G (S/N: 7LN1-UP)
836 (S/N: 3RL1-UP; 7FR1-UP)
Soil Compactor:
825C (S/N: 86X1-UP)
825G (S/N: 6RN1-UP)
3516 (S/N: 7KM1-UP)
245 HC TT (S/N: 94L1-UP)
245 (S/N: 95V1-UP)
245 HC TT FS (S/N: 82X1-UP; 84X1-UP)
245BSeries II HC TT (S/N: 6MF1-UP)
245B HC TT (S/N: 1SJ1-UP)
245D HC TT (S/N: 7ZJ1-UP; 4LK1-UP)
330 (S/N: 8FK1-UP)
345D L (S/N: DPA1-UP)
349E (S/N: FJB1-UP)
349E L (S/N: ETC1-UP; DGE1-UP)
349E MH (S/N: FKF1-UP)
349E L (S/N: SPG1-UP; TFG1-UP)
349E (S/N: RGH1-UP)
349F L (S/N: KEA1-UP; WNA1-UP)
349F (S/N: HLB1-UP)
349F L (S/N: HPD1-UP; YEG1-UP; A9J1-UP; KBP1-UP; TEW1-UP; BZ21-UP)
375 (S/N: 8XG1-UP)
375 HC TT HOE (S/N: 8WJ1-UP)
375 (S/N: 6NK1-UP; 6RL1-UP)
375L (S/N: 9WL1-UP; 1JM1-UP)
5080 HC TT FS (S/N: 6XK1-UP; 8SL1-UP)
5110 (S/N: 7GN1-UP; 8HN1-UP)
5110B (S/N: AAA1-UP)
5110B L (S/N: AAK1-UP)
5110B MH (S/N: AAT1-UP)
Hydraulic Shovel:
6015B (S/N: LWN1-UP)
Motor Grader:
14MSeries 3 (S/N: E9S1-UP; N9S1-UP)
16G (S/N: 93U1-UP)
16H (S/N: 6ZJ1-UP; 3JR1-UP)
16MSeries 3 (S/N: N9Y1-UP)
24H (S/N: 7KK1-UP)
Mobile Hydraulic Power Unit:
349E MHPU L (S/N: JAE1-UP)
349E MHPU (S/N: S3P1-UP)
349E MHPU L (S/N: MTS1-UP)
Off-Highway Truck/Tractor:
69D (S/N: 9SS1-UP; 9XS1-UP)
73D (S/N: 9YS1-UP)
768C (S/N: 02X1-UP)
769 (S/N: 99F1-UP; 35W1-UP)
769B (S/N: 99F1-UP)
769C (S/N: 01X1-UP)
769D (S/N: BBB1-UP; 5TR1-UP; 5SS1-UP)
770 (S/N: BZZ1-UP)
770G (S/N: KDH1-UP)
772 (S/N: RLB1-UP; 10S1-UP)
772B (S/N: 64W1-UP)
773B (S/N: 5SC1-UP; 63W1-UP)
773D (S/N: NBJ1-UP; 7ER1-UP; 7CS1-UP)
773E (S/N: BDA1-UP; KEG1-UP; ASK1-UP)
773F (S/N: EED1-UP; EXD1-UP)
777F (S/N: JRP1-UP; JXP1-UP)
777G (S/N: T5A1-UP; TNM1-UP; RDR1-UP; T4Y1-UP)
Quarry Truck:
771C (S/N: 3BJ1-UP)
771D (S/N: BCA1-UP; 6JR1-UP; 6YS1-UP)
773G (S/N: MWH1-UP; JWS1-UP; T5S1-UP; T5T1-UP; G731-UP; G771-UP)
775B (S/N: 7XJ1-UP)
775D (S/N: 6KR1-UP; 8AS1-UP)
775E (S/N: BEC1-UP)
775F (S/N: EYG1-UP; DLS1-UP)
775G (S/N: T5F1-UP; RFM1-UP; MJS1-UP; T5W1-UP)
Paving Compactor:
PF-300C (S/N: PFB1-UP)
PS-300C (S/N: PFS1-UP)
578 PS (S/N: 8HB1-UP)
583R PS (S/N: 2XS1-UP)
583T (S/N: CMX1-UP)
587R (S/N: BXL1-UP)
589 PS (S/N: 31Z1-UP)
PL83 (S/N: KSD1-UP)
Reclaimer Mixer:
RM-250C (S/N: AWG1-UP)
Road Reclaimer/Soil Stabilizer:
RM-350 (S/N: 5FK1-UP)
RM-350B (S/N: AXW1-UP)
RM350B (S/N: 7FS1-UP)
RR-250 SP RR (S/N: 6ED1-UP)
RR-250B (S/N: 3RR1-UP)
SM-350 (S/N: 1RM1-UP)
SS-250 SP SLST (S/N: 6DD1-UP)
SS-250B (S/N: 5GR1-UP)
Track-Type Loader:
983B PS (S/N: 58X1-UP)
Track-Type Tractor:
D10N (S/N: 2YD1-UP; 3SK1-UP)
D10R (S/N: 3KR1-UP; AKT1-UP)
D10T (S/N: RJG1-UP)
D10T2 (S/N: JJW1-UP)
D11T (S/N: JEL1-UP; JNS1-UP)
D8 (S/N: 76V1-UP)
D8K DD (S/N: 76V1-UP)
D8L PS (S/N: 7YB1-UP; 7JC1-UP; 53Y1-UP)
D8N (S/N: 9TC1-UP; 1XJ1-UP; 5TJ1-UP; 7TK1-UP)
D8R (S/N: MEJ1-UP; RJM1-UP; 9EM1-UP; T5X1-UP)
D8T (S/N: J8B1-UP; KPZ1-UP)
D9L PS (S/N: 14Y1-UP)
D9N (S/N: 1JD1-UP; 5FJ1-UP; 6XJ1-UP)
D9R (S/N: HWH1-UP)
D9R (S/N: ACL1-UP; 7TL1-UP; 8BL1-UP; WDM1-UP)
D9T (S/N: RJS1-UP)
Underground Articulated Truck:
AD40Series II (S/N: 1YZ1-UP)
AD45 (S/N: BKZ1-UP)
AE40 II (S/N: BLW1-UP; 1ZZ1-UP)
Wheel Dozer:
814B (S/N: 16Z1-UP)
824C (S/N: 85X1-UP)
824G (S/N: 4SN1-UP)
834B (S/N: 7BR1-UP; 92Z1-UP)
844 (S/N: BBN1-UP; 2KZ1-UP)
844K (S/N: MBE1-UP; KLS1-UP)
854K (S/N: H9K1-UP; H8M1-UP; 2211-UP)
Wheel Loader:
966D (S/N: 99Y1-UP)
966E (S/N: 99Y1-UP)
966G (S/N: 3ZS1-UP)
980C (S/N: 13B1-UP; 2EB1-UP; 2XD1-UP; 63X1-UP)
980FSeries II (S/N: 5XJ1-UP; 4RN1-UP; 8JN1-UP)
980F (S/N: 8CJ1-UP; 3HK1-UP)
980G (S/N: 9CM1-UP; 2KR1-UP; 2SR1-UP)
980K (S/N: W7K1-UP; NEP1-UP; GTZ1-UP)
980M (S/N: KRS1-UP; N8T1-UP)
982M (S/N: F9A1-UP; K1Y1-UP)
988B (S/N: 50W1-UP)
988FSeries II (S/N: 2ZR1-UP)
988F (S/N: 8YG1-UP)
990Series II (S/N: BCR1-UP; 4FR1-UP)
990 (S/N: 7HK1-UP)
990K (S/N: DJK1-UP; A9P1-UP)
991K (S/N: 5301-UP)
992C (S/N: 42X1-UP; 49Z1-UP)
992D (S/N: 7MJ1-UP)
992K (S/N: H4C1-UP; ZMX1-UP; 8801-UP)
993K (S/N: LWA1-UP; Z4D1-UP; Z9K1-UP; Z4Z1-UP)
Wheel Tractor-Scraper:
621 (S/N: 2DB1-UP)
621B (S/N: 6XB1-UP; 7KC1-UP; 8HC1-UP; 9AC1-UP; 45P1-UP; 35V1-UP)
621E (S/N: 6AB1-UP; 6BB1-UP; 2PD1-UP)
621F (S/N: 4SK1-UP; 8PL1-UP)
621H (S/N: DBK1-UP; HKK1-UP; NYY1-UP; EAZ1-UP)
621K (S/N: WTA1-UP; WTE1-UP; WTL1-UP; WTP1-UP)
623B (S/N: 46P1-UP)
623E (S/N: 6CB1-UP; 6DB1-UP; 6YF1-UP)
623F (S/N: 6BK1-UP; 5EW1-UP)
623H (S/N: EJD1-UP; DBF1-UP)
623K (S/N: WTB1-UP; WTM1-UP)
627B (S/N: 14S1-UP)
627E (S/N: 6EB1-UP; 6GB1-UP; 7CG1-UP)
627F (S/N: 1DL1-UP)
627H (S/N: LCT1-UP; DBW1-UP)
627K (S/N: WTC1-UP; WTN1-UP)
631C (S/N: 67M1-UP)
631D (S/N: 24W1-UP)
631ESeries II (S/N: 1AB1-UP; 1BB1-UP; 1NB1-UP; 3ND1-UP)
631G (S/N: AWK1-UP; CLR1-UP; CMT1-UP)
633D (S/N: 25W1-UP)
633ESeries II (S/N: 2PS1-UP)
637D (S/N: 26W1-UP; 27W1-UP)
637ESeries II (S/N: 1FB1-UP; 1HB1-UP)
637E (S/N: 1JB1-UP; 1LB1-UP)
637G (S/N: CEH1-UP; CEJ1-UP; AXT1-UP)
639D (S/N: 99X1-UP)
651B (S/N: 67K1-UP)
651E (S/N: 4YR1-UP; 5XR1-UP; 89Z1-UP)
657B (S/N: 68K1-UP)
657E (S/N: 6MB1-UP; 5YR1-UP; 6PR1-UP; 6TR1-UP; 7KR1-UP; 86Z1-UP; 87Z1-UP; 90Z1-UP; 91Z1-UP)

To provide dealers and customers with more service options, Cat Reman announces the addition of valve actuators, valve lifter, rocker arms, and camshafts for certain machine engines.

Cat® Reman cylinder heads expand the repair options available. When used with other Reman products and reusable components from the core engine, these service options can help reduce turnaround time and decrease downtime. Customers who want fast repair turn-around, superior quality and reliability, and lower repair costs will benefit from the use of these Reman cylinder heads. Cat Reman components provide immediate, off-the-shelf availability at a fraction of the new price.

Table 1
Features     Benefits    
All critical engineering changes and updates included     Improved reliability and performance    
Worldwide availability through the Cat® Parts Distribution System     Customer access regardless of location    
Off the shelf reliability     Downtime reduced through exchanged product    
Same as new AVSpare warranty     Consistent support    

Table 2
Reman Part Number     Standard Part Number     Description     Machine Serial Number Prefixes    
20R-3915     377-8599     Valve Actuator     S/N:BZZ, RLB, JRP, EED, DLS, 221, JWS, MJS, RDR, H8M, EXD, JXP, EYG, MWH, RFM, TNM, H9K, T5T, T5S, T5F, T5W, T5A, T4Y, MBE, LWA, Z9K, H4C, Z4D, 880, ZMX, Z4Z, A9P, DJK, KLS    
20R-1828     422-3883     Valve Lifter As     S/N:50W, 99Y, 58X, 42X, 63X, 2EB, 2XD, 13B, 76V, 14Y, 53Y, 7YB, 8HB, 31Z, 49Z, 7TL, 4FB, 9TC, 1JD, 2YD, 7JC, 1XJ, 7HK, 5TJ, 7TK, 8YG, 8CJ, 3HK, 5XJ, 7MJ, 6XJ, 3SK, 8BL, 7XM, 9EM, 2KR, 9CM, 2SR, 3KR, 8JN, 4RN, 3ZS, 2ZR, 4FR, 2XS, ABK, ACL, AKT, BCR, 95V, 94L, 82X, 84X, 6MF, 1SJ, 8WJ, 8XG, 6NK, 8SL, 6XK, 4LK, 7ZJ, 8FK, 1JM, 6RL, 9WL, AAA, AAK, AAT,, 2DB, 6XB, 7KC, 8HC, 9AC,, JJB, DTE, 8AC, 5XC, 6DD, 6ED, 3TK, 5FK, 7PJ, 1RM, 5ZS, 5GR, 3RR, 7FS, 8GS, AWG, AXW, PFS, PFB,99F, 35W, 67M, 67K, 68K, 85X, 86X, 01X, 02X, 63W, 5SC, 64W, 93U, 45P, 35V, 46P, 14S, 24W, 25W, 26W, 89Z, 90Z, 86Z, 87Z, 87X, 27W, 91Z, 16Z, 10S, 99X, 6AB, 2PD, 6BB, 6CB, 6DB,6EB, 6GB, 1AB, 1NB, 1BB, 1FB, 1HB, 1JB, 1LB, 92Z, 6MB, 3FD, 1MD, 4RD, 3ND, 8SD, 5ND, 6YF, 4SN, 6RN, 7LN, 7BR, 2JJ, 8TF, 7CG, 6ZJ, 7KK, 4SK, 8PL, 6BK, 1DL, 3BJ, 7XJ, 3RL, 5TR, 6JR, 7ER, 6KR, 2YR, 7FR, 4YR, 5XR, 6TR, 7KR, 5YR, 6PR, 9LR, 2PS, 5SS, 6YS, 7CS, 8AS, 5EW, 9XS, BEF    
20R-2447     422-3884     Valve Lifter As     S/N:50W, 42X, 14Y, 53Y, 7YB, 31Z, 49Z, 7TL, 4FB, 1JD, 2YD, 7JC, 7HK, 8YG, 7MJ, 6XJ, 3SK, 8BL, 3KR, 3ZS, 2ZR, 4FR, ABK, ACL, AKT, BCR, AAA, AAK, AAT, 8AC, 5XC, 3TK, 7PJ, 8GS, 99F, 35W, 67M, 67K, 68K, 01X, 02X, 63W, 5SC, 64W, 24W, 25W, 26W, 89Z, 90Z, 86Z, 87Z, 27W, 91Z, 10S, 99X, 1AB, 1NB, 1BB, 1FB, 1HB, 1JB, 1LB, 92Z, 6MB, 3ND, 8SD, 5ND, 7BR, 7KK, 3BJ, 7XJ, 3RL, 5TR, 6JR, 7ER, 6KR, 7FR, 4YR, 5XR, 6TR, 7KR, 5YR, 6PR, 2PS, 5SS, 6YS, 7CS, 8AS, 9XS, 2KZ, 1YZ, 1ZZ, BKZ, BLW, AWK, AXT, BBB, BCA, BDA, BEC, BBN, CEH, CEJ, CLR, CMT, NBJ, ASK, KEG, RJS, WDM, HWH, L5N, JJB    
20R-3781     452-1005     Rocker Arm As     S/N:DPA, FJB, WHZ, RGH, SPG, TFG, MPZ, KCN, DGE, KFX, MZW, B1M, B1W, DBW, DBF, DBK, WWB, LCT, EJD, EAZ, NYY, HKK, TFF, TFH, LFF, LFH, WTA, WTB, WTC, WTL, WTM, WTN, W7K, GTZ, KRS, N8T, K1Y, F9A, NEP, S3P, JAE, HPD, KEA, BZ2, A9J, FKF, ETC, FEJ    
20R-2927     421-0155     Camshaft     S/N:KDH, RDR, H8M, T5A, 880, JEL, JNS    
20R-2928     421-0176     Camshaft    
20R-2929     421-0189     Camshaft     S/N:Z4D    
20R-2930     421-0200     Camshaft    
20R-2931     420-0455     Camshaft     S/N:JWS, MJS, T5T, MBE, JJW, A9P, DJK, KLS, LWN, T5F    
20R-2932     420-0456     Camshaft    

Information System:

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