2009/08/31 Diagnostic Process for Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor {127A, 1439} Caterpillar

Diagnostic Process for Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor {127A, 1439}
Asphalt Paver:
AP600D (S/N: TFM1-202,204-205,207-208; TFZ1-245,247-247)
AP655D (S/N: GNN1-223,225-225,228-231; MAN1-221,223-235; MAT1-207; GNZ1-319,321-322)
Backhoe Loader:
420E (S/N: PRA1-1155; PHC1-682)
430E (S/N: SCD1-320; RLN1-351)
450E (S/N: EBL1-395)
Soil Compactor:
CP56 (S/N: C5P1-498; FCP1-130,135-137)
CP64 (S/N: C6P1-117)
CS74 (S/N: C8F1-302,305-309,311-313,315-372; C8S1-121)
CS76 (S/N: JCS1-152; CYX1-289,291-296,299-299,304-325,329-329,332-332)
M313D (S/N: W3H1-861,863-866,868-872)
M315D (S/N: W5M1-338,340-772)
M316D (S/N: W6A1-563,567-1126)
M318D (S/N: W8P1-633,635-1175)
M318D MH (S/N: W8R1-331)
M322D (S/N: W2S1-438,440-441)
M322D MH (S/N: W2T1-436)
Integrated Toolcarrier:
IT38H (S/N: JNJ1-377)
Load Haul Dump:
R1300GSeries II (S/N: RSL1-1554,2246-2246)
Motor Grader:
120M (S/N: B9C1-503; B9N1-268; B9W1-187; D9W1-132)
12M (S/N: B9F1-638)
Paving Compactor:
CB54 (S/N: JLM1-104,106-130,132-153,155-157,159-162)
CB64 (S/N: DJM1-120)
CP54 (S/N: C5Y1-105)
CP74 (S/N: P8F1-105)
CP76 (S/N: C7L1-122; JCP1-125)
CS54 (S/N: C5R1-1,103-350; C5W1-1,102-301,305-319)
CS56 (S/N: C5S1-892; FCS1-418,420-432,434-434,438-438,442-446,463-463,470-494,497-500)
CS64 (S/N: C7F1-141; C6S1-123)
PL61 (S/N: WGS1-179)
Track-Type Loader:
953D (S/N: LBP1-462,700-934)
963D (S/N: LCS1-474,700-1046,1048-1048)
Track-Type Tractor:
D3K (S/N: FFF1-107,109-508,510-511,519-519,521-521,530-530,532-532,538-538,540-541,545-549)
D3K LGP (S/N: LLL1-113,115-403,405-453,455-532,534-565,567-570,573-602,604-606,609-613,617-617,625-628,633-633,638-638)
D4K XL (S/N: MMM1-460,465-465,471-471,474-482)
D4K LGP (S/N: RRR1-343,350-355,357-358,361-362)
D5K (S/N: JLF1-221)
D5K XL (S/N: WWW1-820,829-834,836-837,847-847,851-852,862-864)
D5K LGP (S/N: YYY1-782,784-788,790-790,806-807,813-816,833-838,841-841,844-858)
D6K LGP (S/N: DHA1-1101,1200-1209)
D6K (S/N: NCF1-54)
D6K XL (S/N: FBH1-1448,1500-1503)
D6N XL (S/N: DJA1-202; JAH1-325)
D6N LGP (S/N: GHS1-213)
D6N XL (S/N: MLW1-104)
D6N LGP (S/N: DJY1-1739,1741-1741)
Wheel Loader:
924H (S/N: HXC1-451,550-1332; JTM1-283,600-840,842-877; KLN1-426)
924HZ (S/N: WLB1-321; PED1-740)
928H (S/N: RSB1-73)
928HZ (S/N: BYD1-422; CXK1-767)
930H (S/N: DHC1-409,600-1588; FTD1-248,650-1184)
938H (S/N: MCC1-166; MJC1-736; JKM1-780; LKM1-569,571-571)
Wheel Tractor-Scraper:
613G (S/N: ESB1-119)

There have been a number of isolated instances of issues with 311-6342 Pressure Sensor. The 311-6342 Pressure Sensor is being reported as having issues such as a short circuit and an open circuit. This can cause the application to have a derate or a shutdown.

On investigation, a large proportion of the returned sensors operate correctly. This indicates that the replaced parts were not the cause of the issue.

If there is a issue with 311-6342 Pressure Sensor, refer to Special Instruction, REHS3749, "Diagnostic Process for Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor".

The testing procedure must be strictly followed in order to ensure that an incorrect diagnosis does not occur.

Give all test results in the details of the claim. Give details in the story of the claim when the appropriate part was replaced or the appropriate repair was carried out. This will assist future investigations into issues that relate to the parts.

If there is a problem with any other sensor on the engine, refer to Troubleshooting for the engine. Check the fault code that is displayed. Follow the instructions in Troubleshooting.

Information System:

D11T Track-Type Tractor Machine Systems Ladder Hinge - Assemble
D11T Track-Type Tractor Machine Systems Ladder Hinge - Disassemble
D11T Track-Type Tractor Machine Systems Ladder Hinge - Install
938H Wheel Loader and IT38H Integrated Toolcarrier Power Train Differential Lock Pressure - Check
C4.4 Industrial Engine Cooling System Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) - Test/Add
C4.4 Industrial Engine Cooling System Coolant Extender (ELC) - Add
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950H Wheel Loader, 962H Wheel Loader and IT62H Integrated Toolcarrier Electrohydraulic System Relief Valve (Line)
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2009/08/31 Diagnostic Process for Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor {127A, 1439}
2009/08/10 Diagnostic Publications for the Systems of the Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) have been Updated {1100, 1126, 1250, 1251, 1261, 1290}
Identification and Installation of Cambered Pivot Shafts{4153}
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Implement Droops Before Raising
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Implement Cycle Time Is Slow for All Implements
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Implement Cycle Time Is Slow for One Implement
3516B Engine for 994F and 994H Wheel Loaders Electronic Service Tool Does Not Communicate
973K Track-Type Loader Systems Piston Pump (Hydrostatic)
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Hydraulic Cylinder Drift
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Implement Movement Without Request
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Machine Does Not Move
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