2010/01/06 A New Lip Seal for the Final Drive Is Now Used {4050, 4052} Caterpillar

A New Lip Seal for the Final Drive Is Now Used {4050, 4052}
2010/01/06 [SEPD1059]
2010/01/06 A New Lip Seal for the Final Drive Is Now Used {4050, 4052}
Track-Type Tractor:
D6RSeries II (S/N: BNC1-UP; AFD1-UP)
D6RSeries II (S/N: CAD1-UP)
D6RSeries II (S/N: ADE1-UP)
D6RSeries II (S/N: BLE1-UP)
D6R (S/N: 2HM1-UP; 4FM1-UP; 8TM1-UP; 2YN1-UP; 3ZN1-UP; 4HN1-UP; 8LN1-UP; DMP1-UP; 4TR1-UP; 5PR1-UP; 6FR1-UP; 6GR1-UP; 7AR1-UP; 9ZS1-UP; 1RW1-UP)

Description of Change: A new seal for the final drive is now used. The new seal provides improved performance in preventing the oil transfer between the final drive and the transmission.

Adaptable To:

Table 1
Required Parts    
Item     New Part Number     Former Part Numbers     Description     Qty    
1     269-4739     9X-7671
Seal     1    
The new 269-4739 Seal has a double lip and the seal has been designed to accommodate the orbiting of the axle. The new 269-4739 Seal replaces the former 269-4739 Seal and the 112-3858 Seal .

The new 269-4739 Seal is effective with the following machines:

  • D6R (S/N: 1RW503-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 2HM978-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 2YN582-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 3ZN843-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 4FM828-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 5PR603-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 6FR796-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: 9ZS634-UP)

  • D6R (S/N: DMP315-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AEM139-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AFD102-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AFM187-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BLE402-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BLT330-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BMK598-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BNL523-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BPM109-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BRJ244-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: CAD284-UP)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: FDT423-UP)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: ACJ114-UP)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: ADE1170-UP)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BNC478-UP)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BPP505-UP)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BPZ631-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: AAX1569-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: AGM112-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BMJ177-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BMY546-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BPS515-UP)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BRZ591-UP)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: AEP796-UP)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: BRE504-UP)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: DAE197-UP)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: GMT297-UP)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: HCD217-UP)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: JEK304-UP)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: TBC487-UP)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: DMK508-UP)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: LGP520-UP)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: WRG863-UP)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: EXL238-UP)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: GJB1083-UP)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: JDL343-UP)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: LFM388-UP)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: DPS167-UP)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: EXW145-UP)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: MRT546-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP LGP (S/N: DLM180-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP LGP (S/N: WCB276-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP XL (S/N: HKE292-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP XL (S/N: RFC149-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP XW (S/N: HDC314-UP)

  • D6R Series IIIP XW (S/N: MTJ162-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 4HN709-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 4TR1206-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 6GR710-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 7AR727-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 8LN564-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 8TM1352-UP)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 9PN75005-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4JR704-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4MN534-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4WR605-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 5LN75004-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 5RR728-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 6MR779-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 7GR755-UP)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 9BM1386-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 6HR633-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 6JN420-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 7DR617-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 7KN460-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 8XN702-UP)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 9MN706-UP)

  • D6T (S/N: SMC315-UP)

  • D6T (S/N: PEZ500-UP)

  • D6T (S/N: JHB498-UP)

  • D6T LGP (S/N: KJL1065-UP)

  • D6T LGP (S/N: LKJ410-UP)

  • D6T P LGP (S/N: JWD270-UP)

  • D6T P LGP (S/N: WCG576-UP)

  • D6T P XL (S/N: WFH519-UP)

  • D6T P XL (S/N: ZEB207-UP)

  • D6T P XW (S/N: DJG475-UP)

  • D6T P XW (S/N: RLW233-UP)

  • D6T XL (S/N: GCT501-UP)

  • D6T XL (S/N: LAE328-UP)

  • D6T XL (S/N: LAY1455-UP)

  • D6T XW (S/N: LBD172-UP)

  • D6T XW (S/N: SKL652-UP)

The new 269-4739 Seal is adaptable to the following machines:

  • D6R (S/N: 1RW1-502)

  • D6R (S/N: 2HM1-977)

  • D6R (S/N: 2YN1-581)

  • D6R (S/N: 3ZN1-842)

  • D6R (S/N: 4FM1-827)

  • D6R (S/N: 5PR1-602)

  • D6R (S/N: 6FR1-795)

  • D6R (S/N: 9ZS1-633)

  • D6R (S/N: DMP1-314)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AEM1-138)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AFD1-101)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: AFM1-186)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BLE1-401)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BLT1-329)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BMK1-597)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BNL1-522)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BPM1-109)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: BRJ1-243)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: CAD1-283)

  • D6R Series II (S/N: FDT1-422)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: ACJ1-113)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: ADE1-1169)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BNC1-477)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BPP1-504)

  • D6R Series II LGP (S/N: BPZ1-630)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: AAX1-1568)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: AGM1-111)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BMJ1-176)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BMY1-545)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BPS1-514)

  • D6R Series II XL (S/N: BRZ1-590)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: AEP1-795)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: BRE1-503)

  • D6R Series II XW (S/N: DAE1-196)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: GMT1-296)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: HCD1-216)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: JEK1-303)

  • D6R Series III (S/N: TBC1-486)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: DMK1-507)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: LGP1-519)

  • D6R Series III LGP (S/N: WRG1-862)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: EXL1-237)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: GJB1-1082)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: JDL1-342)

  • D6R Series III XL (S/N: LFM1-387)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: DPS1-166)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: EXW1-144)

  • D6R Series III XW (S/N: MRT1-545)

  • D6R Series IIIP LGP (S/N: DLM1-179)

  • D6R Series IIIP LGP (S/N: WCB1-275)

  • D6R Series IIIP XL (S/N: HKE1-291)

  • D6R Series IIIP XL (S/N: RFC1-148)

  • D6R Series IIIP XW (S/N: HDC1-313)

  • D6R Series IIIP XW (S/N: MTJ1-161)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 4HN1-708)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 4TR1-1205)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 6GR1-709)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 7AR1-726)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 8LN1-563)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 8TM1-1351)

  • D6R LGP (S/N: 9PN1-75004)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4JR1-703)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4MN1-533)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 4WR1-604)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 5LN1-75003)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 5RR1-727)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 6MR1-778)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 7GR1-754)

  • D6R XL (S/N: 9BM1-1385)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 6HR1-632)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 6JN1-419)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 7DR1-616)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 7KN1-459)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 8XN1-701)

  • D6R XR (S/N: 9MN1-705)

  • D6T (S/N: JHB1-497)

  • D6T (S/N: PEZ1-499)

  • D6T (S/N: SMC1-314)

  • D6T LGP (S/N: KJL1-1064)

  • D6T LGP (S/N: LKJ1-409)

  • D6T P LGP (S/N: JWD1-269)

  • D6T P LGP (S/N: WCG1-575)

  • D6T P XL (S/N: WFH1-518)

  • D6T P XL (S/N: ZEB1-206)

  • D6T P XW (S/N: DJG1-474)

  • D6T P XW (S/N: RLW1-232)

  • D6T XL (S/N: GCT1-500)

  • D6T XL (S/N: LAE1-327)

  • D6T XL (S/N: LAY1-1454)

  • D6T XW (S/N: LBD1-171)

  • D6T XW (S/N: SKL1-651)

Information System:

2012/04/09 Improved Friction Disc and Software for the Torque Converter Impeller Clutch on 988H Wheel Loaders {3101, 7610, 7620}
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Hydrostatic Drive Is Sluggish
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Machine Top Speed Is Not Obtained
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Machine Movement Is Unstable
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Hydraulic System Hesitates
2009/10/01 A New Slip Joint Group Improves Service Life of the Drive Shaft {3251}
D7E Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic, HVAC, and Electrical Systems Implement Droops Before Raising
C9.3 Tier 4 Final Engines Diesel Particulate Filter Has High Ash Load
IT38H Integrated Toolcarrier and 938H Wheel Loader Declaration of Conformity
966H and 972H Wheel Loaders Declaration of Conformity
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Hydraulic System Pressure Is Low
C13, C15, and C18 Tier 4 Interim Engines ARD Temperature Is Low
2009/07/27 Improved Procedure for the Retention of the Identification Film for the Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) {7323, 7325, 7405, 7557}
D7E Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic, HVAC, and Electrical Systems Implement Hydraulic Force Is Low
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2009/07/27 New Air Lines and a New Air Motor Are Now Used to Improve the Capability of the Cold Start {1450, 1451, 1462, 1466}
621G Wheel Tractor-Scraper Maintenance Interval Schedule
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613G Wheel Tractor-Scraper Maintenance Interval Schedule
D7E Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic, HVAC, and Electrical Systems Implement Cycle Time Is Slow for All Implements
953D, 963D and 973D Track-Type Loaders Hydraulic System Pressure Is High
TS180, TS185, TS220 and TS225 Towed Scrapers Declaration of Conformity
953D Track-Type Loader Declaration of Conformity
2011/01/06 Improvements to the Fuel Sender Group {1273, 1408, 6201, 7481, 7857}