2009/06/29 An Improved Adjustable Armrest Is Now Available {7307} Caterpillar

An Improved Adjustable Armrest Is Now Available {7307}
Track-Type Tractor:
D6GSeries 2 (S/N: C6G1000-UP; P6G1000-UP; C6X1-UP)
D7GSeries 2 (S/N: 7MB5000-UP; C7G1000-UP)

Description of Change:

------ WARNING! ------

Personal injury can result from flame cutting or welding on painted areas.

The effect of gasses from burned paint is a hazard to the person doing the cutting or welding.

Do not flame cut or weld on painted areas.


------ WARNING! ------

Personal injury or death can result from fumes, gases and ultraviolet rays from the weld arc.

Welding can cause fumes, burn skin and produce ultraviolet rays.

Keep your head out of the fumes. Use ventilation, exhaust at the arc, or both, to keep fumes and gases from your breathing area. Wear eye, ear and body protection before working.

Protect yourself and others; read and understand this warning. Fumes and gases can be dangerous to your health. Ultraviolet rays from the weld arc can injure eyes and burn skin. Electric shock can cause death.

Read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and your employer's safety practices. Do not touch live electrical parts.

See "American National Standard Z49.1, Safety in Welding and Cutting" published by the American Welding Society.

American Welding Society
2501 N.W. 7th Street
Miami, Florida 33125

See "OSHA Safety and Health Standards, 29 CFR 1910", available from U.S. Department of Labor.

U.S. Department of Labor
Washington, D.C. 20210
The D6G Series II XL Track-Type Tractors that are equipped with a 9C-4449 Seat Gp have the 9V-7446 Armrest As that could not be adjusted. This may make the operator feel uncomfortable when operating the hydraulic implement handle and transmission handle.

Adaptable To: The operator environment was designed for the D6G Series II and D7G Series II to cover the 95 percentage in standards. At the same time, the existing armrest could also not be adjusted. Some operators might feel uncomfortable when operating the steering clutches and blade implement levers. Install the adjustable armrest by using the parts that are found in the table below.

Table 1
Required Parts    
Item     Part Number     Description     Qty    
1     203-3977     Lever     2    
2     333-2225     Bracket     1    
3     333-2226     Bracket     1    
4     333-2229     Spacer     2    
5     333-2230     Washer     2    
6     7X-7729     Washer     2    
7     8T-3490     Weld Nut     2    
8     8T-4136     Bolt     2    
9     8T-3597     Weld Nut     2    

Installation Procedure

    Illustration 1g01947660

  1. Disassemble two bolts (A) and remove the bracket. Remove two armrest (B) from both sides of the seat.

    Illustration 2g01947675

    View of the seat that has the armrest removed

    Illustration 3g01947679

  1. Remove the 9V-7447 Pad As (C) from armrest (B). Remove the 5S-7383 Bolt (D), 2K-4973 Locknut (E) and two 8Y-6277 Spacers (F). Retain the parts that were removed for use at a later time.

    Illustration 4g01947691

    (G) The dimension for the D6G Series II is 463.5 mm (18.25 inch).

    (G) The dimension for the D7G Series II is 464 mm (18.27 inch).

    (H) The dimension for the D6G Series II is 112.5 mm (4.43 inch).

    (H) The dimension for the D7G Series II is 125.5 mm (4.94 inch).

    (J) The dimension for the D6G Series II is 237.5 mm (9.35 inch).

    (J) The dimension for the D7G Series II is 257.5 mm (10.14 inch).

  1. Drill two holes on the seat support on both sides with a diameter of 16.75 mm (0.66 inch).

    Illustration 5g01947818

    View of the holes (K) that were drilled in Step 3

    Note: The range of adjustment for both models from lowest point to the highest point is 100 mm (3.94 inch).

    Illustration 6g01947830

  1. Weld two 8T-3490 Weld Nuts (7) at the inner side of the seat support in the holes that were drilled in Step 3. Weld the weld nuts on both sides.

    Illustration 7g01947986

  1. Assemble the armrest and the bracket on the seat support.

    Note: The 333-2225 Bracket (2) is for the right hand side. The 333-2226 Bracket (3) is for the left hand side.

    Illustration 8g01948017

    View of the assembled armrest and bracket on the seat support

    Illustration 9g01948048

  1. Assemble the armrest on to the 333-2225 Bracket (right hand side) and the 333-2226 Bracket (left hand side) by using the parts that were retained from Step 3.

Illustration 10g01948053

View of the finished left and right side armrest

The new adjustable armrest is effective with the following machines:

  • D6G C6G1397-UP

  • D6G P6G1251-UP

  • D6G Series II LGPC6X124-UP

  • D7G 7MB5268-UP

  • D7G C7G1210-UP

The new adjustable armrest is adaptable to the following machines:

  • D6G C6G1-1396

  • D6G P6G1-1250

  • D6G Series II LGPC6X1-123

  • D7G 7MB1-5267

  • D7G C7G1-1209

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