2010/04/15 New Alternators for 3054C, C4.4 and C6.6 Engines {1405, 1425} Caterpillar

New Alternators for 3054C, C4.4 and C6.6 Engines {1405, 1425}
2010/04/15 [SEPD1111]
2010/04/15 New Alternators for 3054C, C4.4 and C6.6 Engines {1405, 1425}
Asphalt Paver:
AP-600 (S/N: B2S1-206)
AP-650Series B (S/N: A7P1-234)
AP-650B (S/N: 9DN1-440,450-513; A7P1-234)
AP-655C (S/N: CDG1-1,247-342; AYP1-389)
AP-800 L/F (S/N: 1BF1-301)
AP-800B L/F (S/N: 1BF1-301)
AP-800C (S/N: 1PM1-510,661-755,760-801)
AP-800D (S/N: A5P1-240)
AP300 (S/N: B2Y1-106,108-198,201-202,206-207,209-209)
AP600D (S/N: TFM1-1,204-205; TFZ1-212,214-220,222-231,233-234)
AP655D (S/N: GNN1-223,225-225,228-230; MAN1-216,218-221; MAT1-205; GNZ1-278,280-297,299-300)
BB-760 (S/N: B2B1-119)
BG-210B (S/N: 9XJ1-184,186-186,188-189,192-192,194-196,198-200,205-205,208-208,210-212,214-215,218-219,221-238,240-241,243-243,245-266,268-283)
BG-2255C (S/N: CKR1-265)
BG-225B (S/N: 6YK1-509,511-524,526-528,530-530,532-532,539-548,550-551,554-563,565-567,569-572,574-577,580-585,587-589,591-598)
BG-225C (S/N: B6G1-101; 5GN1-468,470-476,478-489,500-508,91234-91234)
BG-230 (S/N: 9AL1-1,256-259,261-262,264-265,267-268,270-271,273-276)
BG-230D (S/N: B4G1-1)
BG-650 (S/N: 9EK1-213,217-221,252-273,275-307,309-316,318-320,322-323,325-342,344-348,360-386)
BG-730 (S/N: 1XL1-1,180-183,185-189,191-194,196-199,201-202,204-209,211-222,225-229)
Backhoe Loader:
414E (S/N: ELB1-862)
416E (S/N: SHA1-7176,7178-7182,72107-72107; CBD1-4599)
420E (S/N: HLS1-8370; KMW1-3299)
422E (S/N: HBE1-1406,1600-2951)
428E (S/N: DXC1-316,322-322,324-324,326-326,337-339,343-421,424-424,427-428,430-448,450-450,452-465; SNL1-2073,2200-5515)
430E (S/N: DDT1-907; EAT1-1473)
432E (S/N: BXE1-1,260-2060,2200-4598)
434E (S/N: FSH1-830,900-1625)
442E (S/N: GKZ1-511,600-825)
Paving Compactor:
-CS-433E (S/N: CFP1-326)
CP-323C VIB (S/N: 6JD1-201,203-515)
CP-323C (S/N: 6DM1-516,530-643; EAS1-673)
CP-433B SP VIB (S/N: 1MG1-26,28-260,262-694)
CP-433C (S/N: 2JM1-934,1000-1100,1110-1190; 1ZN1-1,126-136,300-304; 4JZ1-138,151-151,200-203)
CP-663E (S/N: ASF1-218; DAF1-267; AFL1-1,103-105,300-326)
CS-323C VIB (S/N: 6JD1-201,203-515)
CS-323C (S/N: 1TM1-79; 1EN1-391,410-504; DAR1-506)
CS-431C SP VIB (S/N: 1XF1-120)
CS-431C (S/N: 9XL1-241,300-301; 6EN1-152; 3WZ1-170,200-228)
CS-433B SP VIB (S/N: 4FK1-251,274-274)
CS-433C (S/N: 3TM1-1174,1300-1464,1490-1634; 2TN1-340,360-364,366-390,500-542; 5BZ1-156,200-224)
CS-663E (S/N: ASB1-137; AEF1-103,300-396,398-401; DAG1-701)
CS-683E (S/N: DAD1-403,405-507,509-531; ASG1-340; AGR1-1,104-111,300-409)
PF-290B (S/N: 1XW1-46,48-81,90-99)
PF-300B (S/N: 6HM1-204,400-487)
PF-300C (S/N: PFB1-361,363-368)
PS-130 SP PNEU (S/N: 7ND1-53,55-75,77-552)
PS-150B (S/N: 3XR1-528,540-804)
PS-150C (S/N: FPS1-918)
PS-180 SP PNEU (S/N: 7PD1-321,505-510,716-716,1268-1276)
PS-200B (S/N: 5JR1-342,360-487)
PS-300B (S/N: 4PN1-394,500-599,603-682)
PS-300C (S/N: PFS1-287)
PS-360B (S/N: 9LS1-229,240-319)
PS-360C (S/N: PJF1-454,456-477)
Vibratory Soil Compactor:
CP-433E (S/N: CYE1-91; CFK1-1,86-266; ASN1-944; BTY1-321)
CP-533E (S/N: BZG1-604; ASM1-380; DAM1-1)
CP-563E (S/N: BWE1-383; CNT1-1619)
CP-573E (S/N: ASY1-132; ASZ1-209)
CP54 (S/N: C5Y1-104)
CP56 (S/N: C5P1-426,429-460; FCP1-130)
CP64 (S/N: P7F1-105; C6P1-117)
CP74 (S/N: P8F1-105)
CP76 (S/N: C7L1-122; JCP1-124)
CS-423E (S/N: EAE1-510; BWG1-414; ASH1-180; DCL1-255; AST1-701; CFX1-1,200-272)
CS-433E (S/N: DAC1-182; CFP1-326; ASR1-1193,1195-1196; BTT1-526,528-528)
CS-533E (S/N: BZE1-1689; TBE1-207; DAK1-632; ASL1-1468,1470-1478,1480-1803,1812-2178,2181-2181,2184-2189,2192-2858,2860-3046,3048-3855; TJL1-184,186-193,207-208,213-283,286-287,289-290,292-293)
CS-563E (S/N: ASA1-1228,1230-1781; CNG1-2307)
CS-573E (S/N: CEB1-313; CNN1-283)
CS-583E (S/N: DAJ1-573,575-706; CNX1-404,88282-88282)
CS54 (S/N: C5R1-1,103-107,109-327,329-329; C5W1-1,102-301)
CS56 (S/N: C5S1-769; FCS1-418,420-430,432-432,434-434,438-438,443-446)
CS64 (S/N: C7F1-138; C6S1-120)
CS74 (S/N: C8F1-285,287-297,301-301,305-305,307-307,309-309; C8S1-121)
CS76 (S/N: JCS1-148; CYX1-288,291-291,294-295,299-299)
Track-Type Tractor:
D3K LGP (S/N: JTD1-171,175-175)
D3K (S/N: FFF1-107,109-507,510-511,519-519,521-521,530-530,532-532,538-538)
D3K LGP (S/N: LLL1-113,115-403,405-532,534-571,573-589,591-591,593-602,604-606,609-613,617-617,625-629,633-634,638-639,642-642,647-647,650-650,653-653)
D4K XL (S/N: MMM1-451,456-456,458-460,465-465,471-471)
D4K LGP (S/N: RRR1-338,340-341,350-355,357-357)
D5K (S/N: JLF1-222)
D5K XL (S/N: WWW1-800,802-802,804-805,808-814,819-819,829-834,836-837,847-847,851-852)
D5K LGP (S/N: YYY1-777,780-781,783-783,785-790,806-807,813-816,834-838)
D6N DS PS XL (S/N: CCK1-376,500-1035)
Service Magazine, SEPD0997, 22 June 2009, "New Alternators". Disregard this article. See the replacement article that follows.

Description of Change:

Illustration 1g01945516

Typical example

New alternators have been introduced. The new alternators have an improved design in the aperture of the "B+" terminal (2) .

Note: Ensure that nut (1) is not removed before the electrical connections are installed.

Adaptable To: The new alternators will replace the existing alternators. Refer to table 1.

Table 1
Existing Part Number     New Part Number     Description    
225-3141     339-7766     Charging Alternator Gp    
225-3142     339-7767     Charging Alternator Gp    
225-3143     339-7768     Charging Alternator Gp    
225-3144     346-9824     Charging Alternator Gp    
225-3145     346-9825     Charging Alternator Gp    
225-3146     346-9826     Charging Alternator Gp    
226-7683     346-9827     Charging Alternator Gp    
305-3660     349-1368     Charging Alternator Gp    
305-3661     349-1369     Charging Alternator Gp    
Refer to Disassembly and Assembly for the correct procedure to install the alternators.

It is important that the correct jump starting procedure is followed as reversal of the jump cables can damage the alternator. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Starting with Jump Start Cables" for the correct procedure to jump start the engine.

Information System:

973 K Track-Type Loaders Track Roller - Single Flange
C13, C15, and C18 Tier 4 Interim Engines Sensor Signal (Analog, Active) - Test
2009/09/30 Shims are Available for Improved Strength of Draft Arm and the Bearing Joint on Wheel Tractor-Scrapers {6207, 6245}
2009/06/29 Correction to Specifications , "Lockup Clutch and Solenoid Valve (Torque Converter)" {3124, 5479}
966H Wheel Loader and 972H Wheel Loader Electrohydraulic System Piston Pump (Implement) (Pilot)
2009/07/20 The Mounting of the Transmission Tube Assemblies has been Improved {3154}
C13 Tier 4 Final Engines Water Pump - Test
D10T Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic System Filter Bypass Screen - Clean
C13 Tier 4 Final Engines Water Temperature Regulator - Test
2009/06/29 Correction to Specifications , "Service and Parking Brake" {4251, 4267}
2009/06/29 Correction to Specifications , "Service and Parking Brake" {4251, 4267}
D8T Track-Type Tractor Hydraulic System Filter Screens - Clean
2014/09/12 New Alternators for C6.6 and C4.4 Engines {1405, 1425}
973D Track-Type Loader Hydraulic System Control Valve (Implement)
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Engine Has Mechanical Noise (Knock)
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Engine Overspeeds
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Engine Stalls at Low RPM
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Exhaust Has Excessive Black Smoke
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Exhaust Has Excessive White Smoke
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Fuel Filter Is Restricted
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Electronic Service Tool Does Not Communicate
C27 Engine for the AD55B Underground Articulated Truck Fuel Temperature Is High
973 K Track-Type Loaders Track Roller - Double Flange
973D Track-Type Loader Machine Systems Cutting Edges, End Bits and Teeth