2009/06/15 New Fasteners for the Valve Mechanism Cover {1107, 1120} Caterpillar

New Fasteners for the Valve Mechanism Cover {1107, 1120}
Asphalt Paver:
AP-650B (S/N: A7P1-UP)
AP-800D (S/N: A5P1-UP)
AP300 (S/N: B2Y1-UP)
BG-225C (S/N: B6G1-UP)
BG-230D (S/N: B4G1-UP)
Backhoe Loader:
414E (S/N: ELB1-UP)
416D (S/N: B2D1-UP; BKG1-UP; BGJ1-UP; BFP1-UP)
416E (S/N: SHA1-UP; CBD1-UP)
420E (S/N: GAN1-UP; HLS1-UP; KMW1-UP)
422E (S/N: HBE1-UP; DSK1-UP)
424D (S/N: RXA1-UP; CJZ1-UP)
428D (S/N: BXC1-UP; MBM1-UP; DSX1-UP)
428E (S/N: DXC1-UP; SNL1-UP)
430D (S/N: BNK1-UP; BML1-UP)
430E (S/N: DDT1-UP; EAT1-UP)
432D (S/N: WEP1-UP; TDR1-UP)
432E (S/N: BXE1-UP; RXS1-UP)
434E (S/N: SXB1-UP; FSH1-UP)
442D (S/N: TBD1-UP; SMJ1-UP)
442E (S/N: PCR1-UP; GKZ1-UP)
444E (S/N: HXB1-UP; LBE1-UP)
315C (S/N: ANF1-UP)
M313C (S/N: H2A1-UP; BDR1-UP)
M315C (S/N: H2B1-UP; BDM1-UP)
554 (S/N: TGH1-UP)
Integrated Toolcarrier:
Paving Compactor:
CB-434D (S/N: CNH1-UP; CPR1-UP)
CB-534D (S/N: EAA1-UP; FEA1-UP; GCA1-UP; C2B1-UP; C4B1-UP; FGH1-UP; B5M1-UP; C8M1-UP)
CB-536D (S/N: EAB1-UP)
CB-564D (S/N: C6D1-UP; D4M1-UP)
CD44 (S/N: C6B1-UP; KJM1-UP)
CD54 (S/N: C3B1-UP; J5R1-UP)
CP-323C (S/N: EAS1-UP)
CP-433E (S/N: ASN1-UP; BTY1-UP)
CS-323C (S/N: DAR1-UP)
CS-423E (S/N: EAE1-UP; BWG1-UP; AST1-UP)
CS-433E (S/N: ASR1-UP; BTT1-UP)
PF-300C (S/N: PFB1-UP)
PS-150C (S/N: FPS1-UP)
PS-300C (S/N: PFS1-UP)
PS-360C (S/N: PJF1-UP)
TH210 (S/N: MHT1-UP)
TH215 (S/N: MHS1-UP)
TH220B (S/N: SLA1-UP)
TH330B (S/N: SLB1-UP)
TH340B (S/N: SLC1-UP)
TH350B (S/N: SLD1-UP)
TH355B (S/N: JRK1-UP)
TH360B (S/N: SLE1-UP)
TH460B (S/N: SLF1-UP)
TH560B (S/N: SLG1-UP)
TH580B (S/N: SLH1-UP)
Wheel Loader:
914G (S/N: PDF1-UP)

Description of Change: New fasteners that secure the valve mechanism cover and the connector for the crankcase breather have been introduced. The new fasteners are not isolated fasteners.

Adaptable To: The 349-2746 Bolts have replaced the 225-6455 Bolts. The torque for the fasteners is 9 N·m (80 lb in). The fasteners must be replaced as a complete set.

Information System:

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