3516B Engine for 994F and 994H Wheel Loaders Oil Consumption Is Excessive Caterpillar

Oil Consumption Is Excessive
1.1. Probable Causes
2.1. Recommended Actions
3.2. Oil Leaks
4.2. Oil Level
5.2. Engine Oil Cooler
6.2. Turbocharger Seal
7.2. Internal Engine Wear

Probable Causes

  • Oil leaks

  • Oil level

  • Engine oil cooler

  • Turbocharger seal

  • Internal engine wear

Recommended Actions

Oil Leaks

Check the engine compartment for oil leaks. Repair any oil leaks that are identified.

Oil Level

Check the engine oil level. Too much oil in the engine crankcase can cause the engine to consume oil. Remove excessive engine oil from the crankcase.

Ensure that the dipstick is properly calibrated and/or that the dipstick is correct for the application. Calibrate the dipstick and/or replace the dipstick.

Engine Oil Cooler

Check for leaks in the engine oil cooler. Check for oil in the engine coolant. If necessary, repair the engine oil cooler.

Turbocharger Seal

Check for turbocharger shaft seal leakage. Remove the air inlet piping and the exhaust outlet piping from the turbocharger. Check the compressor wheel and the turbine for evidence of an oil leak. If necessary, repair the turbocharger or replace the turbocharger.

Internal Engine Wear

Internal engine wear or damage can cause excessive oil leakage into the combustion area of the cylinders. Inspect the following components for excessive wear or damage:

  • Faulty piston

  • Worn piston rings

  • Worn cylinder liners

  • Worn valve guides

  • Damaged cylinder head

  • Damaged injector tip

  • Oil leakage at the injector

Buildup of lacquer due to the wrong oil quality will leave white deposits on the underside of the valves and on the piston crown.

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