C7.1 Industrial Engine Engine Oil Pump - Inspect Caterpillar

Engine Oil Pump - Inspect

If any part of the oil pump is worn enough in order to affect the performance of the oil pump, the oil pump must be replaced.

Perform the following procedures in order to inspect the oil pump. Refer to Specifications, "Engine Oil Pump" for clearances and torques.

    Illustration 1g00938064
    Typical example

  1. Remove the oil pump from the engine. Remove the cover of the oil pump.

  2. Remove the outer rotor (1). Clean all of the parts. Look for cracks in the metal or other damage.

  3. Install the outer rotor. Measure the clearance of the outer rotor to the body .

    Illustration 2g00938061
    Typical example

  4. Measure the clearance of the inner rotor to the outer rotor (2).

    Illustration 3g00938799
    End play measurement of the rotor

  5. Measure the end play of the rotor with a straight edge and a feeler gauge (3).

  6. Clean the top face of the oil pump and the bottom face of the cover. Install the cover on the oil pump. Install the oil pump on the engine.