C7.1 Industrial Engine Engine Oil Cooler - Inspect Caterpillar

Engine Oil Cooler - Inspect

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and hot components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or hot components to contact the skin.

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Perform the following procedure in order to inspect the engine oil cooler.

  1. Place a container under the oil cooler in order to collect any engine oil or coolant that drains from the oil cooler.

  2. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Engine Oil Cooler - Remove" for removal of the engine oil cooler.

  3. Thoroughly clean the oil cooler (1) and the cylinder block.

    ------ WARNING! ------

    Personal injury can result from air pressure.

    Personal injury can result without following proper procedure. When using pressure air, wear a protective face shield and protective clothing.

    Maximum air pressure at the nozzle must be less than 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.

  4. Inspect the oil cooler (1) for cracks and dents. Replace the oil cooler (1) if cracks or dents exist. Ensure that no restrictions for the flow of lubricating oil exist in the oil cooler (1).

    Dry the oil cooler (1) with low pressure air. Flush the inside of the oil cooler (1) with clean lubricating oil.

  5. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Engine Oil Cooler - Install" for installation of the engine oil cooler.

  6. Ensure that the lubrication and the cooling system of the engine is filled to the correct level. Operate the engine.

    Note: Refer to Operation And Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities" for additional information.

    Check for oil or coolant leakage.