C4.4 Industrial Engine Valve Depth - Inspect Caterpillar

Valve Depth - Inspect

Table 1
Required Tools 
Tool  Part Number  Part Description  Qty 
A  8T-0455  Liner Projection Tool Group 

Illustration 1g01343897
(1) Dial indicator
(2) Gauge body
(3) Gauge block

  1. Use the Tooling (A) to check the depths of the inlet valves and the exhaust valves below the face of the cylinder head. Use the gauge block (3) to zero the dial indicator (1).

  2. Ensure that the face of the valves are clean. Ensure that the bottom face of the cylinder head is clean. Ensure that the cylinder head is not distorted. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Cylinder Head - Inspect" for the procedure to measure flatness of the cylinder head.

    Illustration 2g01343900
    Typical example
    Measurement of the valve depth
    (1) Dial indicator
    (2) Gauge body

  3. Position gauge body (2) and dial indicator (1) in order to measure the valve depth. Measure the depth of the inlet valve and the exhaust valve before the valve springs are removed.

  4. For the minimum and maximum limits for a new engine for the inlet valves and the exhaust valves, refer to Specifications, "Cylinder Head".

  5. Service wear occurs on an engine which has been in operation. If the valve depth below the cylinder head face on a used engine exceeds the specification for service wear, the following components must be replaced.

    • Valves

    • Valve inserts

    For the wear limits for the inlet valves and exhaust valves, refer to Specifications, "Cylinder Head".

  6. Check each valve for cracks. Check the stems of the valves for wear. Ensure that the valves are the correct fit in the valve guides. Refer to Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, "Valve Guide - Inspect" for the procedure to inspect the valve guides.

  7. Check the load on the valve springs. Refer to Specifications, "Cylinder Head Valves" for the correct lengths and specifications for the valve springs.