C4.4 Industrial Engine Cleanliness of Fuel System Components Caterpillar

Cleanliness of Fuel System Components
1.1. Cleanliness of the Engine
2.1. Environment
3.1. New Components
4.1. Refueling

Cleanliness of the Engine


It is important to maintain extreme cleanliness when working on the fuel system, since even tiny particles can cause engine or fuel system problems.

The entire engine should be washed with a high-pressure water system. Washing the engine will remove dirt and loose debris before a repair on the fuel system is started. Ensure that no high-pressure water is directed at the seals for the injectors or any electrical connector.


When possible, the service area should be positively pressurized. Ensure that the components are not exposed to contamination from airborne dirt and debris. When a component is removed from the system, the exposed fuel connections must be closed off immediately with suitable sealing plugs. The sealing plugs should only be removed when the component is reconnected. The sealing plugs must not be reused. Dispose of the sealing plugs immediately after use. Contact your nearest AVSpare dealer in order to obtain the correct sealing plugs.

New Components

High-pressure lines are not reusable. New high-pressure lines are manufactured for installation in one position only. When a high-pressure line is replaced, do not bend or distort the new line. Internal damage to the pipe may cause metallic particles to be introduced to the fuel.

All new fuel filters, high-pressure lines, tube assemblies, and components are supplied with sealing plugs. These sealing plugs should only be removed in order to install the new part. If the new component is not supplied with sealing plugs then the component should not be used.

The technician must wear suitable rubber gloves. The rubber gloves should be disposed of immediately after completion of the repair in order to prevent contamination of the system.


In order to refuel the diesel fuel tank, the refueling pump and the fuel tank cap assembly must be clean and free from dirt and debris. Refueling should take place only when the ambient conditions are free from dust, wind, and rain.

Only use fuel that is free from contamination. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) must be used. The content of sulfur in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel must be below 15 PPM 0.0015%.

Biodiesel may be used. The neat biodiesel must conform to the latest "EN14214 or ASTM D6751" (in the USA). The biodiesel can only be blended in mixture of up to 20% by volume in acceptable mineral diesel fuel meeting latest edition of "EN590 or ASTM D975 S15" designation.

In United States, Biodiesel blends of B6 to B20 must meet the requirements listed in the latest edition of "ASTM D7467" (B6 to B20) and must be of an API gravity of 30-45.

For more information, refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fluid Recommendations".

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