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Procedure to Rework the Engine Oil Filter Bypass Valve on AD30 Underground Articulated Trucks {1306} Installation Procedure for Installing Counterweight on Certain D7 Track-Type Tractors {7056} Instructions for Downloading System Watch Files on Certain D5, D6, and D6XE Track-Type Tractors {7490, 7600, 7606} Cat Turbocharger Core Return Form {1052} Procedure to Install Warning Beacon Lighting on Certain Track-Type Tractors {1431} Procedure to Install Jumpstart Receptacle on Certain D7 Track-Type Tractors {1463} Procedure to Install Powered Cab Precleaner for Certain D5, D6, and D7 Track-Type Tractor {7311, 7316, 7342} Procedure to Install Rear Camera on Certain D7 Track-Type Tractors {7348} Install Sweep Arrangements on D7 Track-Type Tractors {7162} Procedure to Install Optional Grid Assembly for Certain D6 Track-Type Tractors {7155, 7179} Procedure to Relocate the Air Conditioning Pressure Switches on Certain D8T Track-Type Tractors {1808, 1809} Procedure to Update the Differential Lock Jaws on Certain 620H and 620K Wheel Tractor-Scrapers {3006, 3030, 3159, 3258, 3264, 3284} Procedure to Install New Swaged High-Pressure Fuel Lines on Fuel System Accumulator {1252, 1290} Keypad Troubleshooting for MSS on Certain Compact Wheel Loaders {7631} An Interim Repair Procedure of the Fuel Tank Is Now Available on Certain D5 Track-Type Tractors {1273} Air Hose Rework Procedure for Certain MD6250 and MD6310 Rotary Drills {5502} Procedure to Install and Remove Pallet Fork Group from Fork Carriage Group on Certain Compact Wheel Loaders {0374, 6136, 6402} Rework Procedure to Tilt Cylinder Piston on Certain 963K Track-Type Loaders {5104, 6107} Procedure to Install an Updated Cushion Hitch Harness Assembly on Certain 621K, 623K, and 627K Wheel Tractor-Scrapers {1408, 7107} Procedure to Repair or Replace Toggle Switch on Certain Cat Products {7332} Caterpillar Repainting Process (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) CARC Paint per MIL-DTL-53072 {0652} Procedure to Disassemble Broken Track Tensioner on Certain 973D, and 973K Track-Type Loaders {4157, 4158, 4159} Procedure to Install <NOBR>602-6792</NOBR> Work Tool Control and Wiring Kit on Certain Wheel Loaders {1408} Field Rework Instructions for Cab Removal Winch on All-Terrain Forklift (ATFL) {1408, 730L} Compatibility of The Bulldozer Arrangement, Rear Attachments, and Final Drive Guards of D6 GC, D6R, and D6R2 Track-Type Tractors {5163, 6050, 6060, 6310, 7000, 7056, 7162, 7172, 7180}

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