824 TRACTOR Fuel Filtering System Caterpillar

Fuel Filtering System
1.1. Primary Fuel Filter
2.1. Final Fuel Filter

As the metallic filter element in the primary filter or the resin impregnated cellulose material type fuel filter elements in the fuel filter housing gradually become clogged with foreign material, the fuel gauge indicator will work back from its original position in the NORMAL range into the OUT (red) range. When the indicator shows in the OUT (red) range, the metallic elements should be removed and washed. If the indicator still shows in the OUT (red) range, the final fuel filter elements should be replaced. See the topic, FINAL FUEL FILTER.

Primary Fuel Filter

To remove the filter element (2), stop the engine and shut off the diesel fuel line valve (4). Loosen the nut (1), on the filter cover and lower the case (3). Remove the element and wash in clean kerosene or diesel fuel. Install the element.

1-Nut. 2-Filter element. 3-Filter case.

4-Diesel fuel line valve.

Final Fuel Filter

Draining Fuel Filter Housing: Every 50 service hours, or even daily in cold temperatures (32°F. or below), drain the filter housing of sediment and water which settles to the bottom of the compartment. Close the diesel fuel tank valve, remove the filter housing drain plug (2) and open the vent valve (1). Replace the drain plug, and prime the system. See the topic, PRIMING THE FUEL SYSTEM.

1-Vent valve. 2-Drain plug.

Fuel Filter Elements: When the elements have collected enough contamination to interfere with engine performance, they must be replaced with new elements. These elements will continue to collect particles until fuel will no longer flow through them at a rate to maintain maximum engine performance. They will not discharge their burden into the clean fuel.

Because these filter elements collect and hold contaminants they cannot be washed or otherwise restored.

Removing Used Filter Elements: To remove the used filter elements, proceed as follows:

1. Close the diesel fuel line valve.
2. Remove the filter housing drain plug.
3. Open the vent in the filter housing.
4. Thoroughly clean the top of the cover and around the edges of the gasket joint between the filter housing and cover to prevent dirt dropping into the filter housing when it is removed.
5. Remove the filter housing from the cover.
6. Lift the filter elements out of the housing.
7. Lift the rods (2) and rod springs out of the housing and thoroughly clean the inside of the housing.

Installing Filter Elements In Housing: To install the elements in the housing proceed as follows:

1. Install the springs and then the rods (2) in the housing. Make certain the rod ends enter the drilled holes in the bottom of the housing and that the springs are pressed over the piloting bosses of the housing and rods.
2. Place the filter elements (3) over the rods.
3. Place a new gasket on the filter housing.

1-Cover. 2-Rods. 3-Filter elements.

4. Install the housing onto the cover (1), making certain that the rods enter the center of the overlapping drilled holes in the cover.
5. Open the fuel line valve and prime the fuel system as instructed in the topic, PRIMING THE FUEL SYSTEM.

Keep New Filter Elements On Hand: An extra set of filter elements should be kept on hand for replacement. Always keep the elements wrapped in their original cartons to insure against dust and dirt accumulation which will shorten the life of the elements if it gets on the outside or may cause damage to the fuel injection equipment if it gets on the inside.