AD30 Underground Articulated Truck Service Inspection Caterpillar

Service Inspection

------ WARNING! ------

The body (bed) may fall unexpectedly and without warning resulting in personal injury or death.

When it is necessary to work under the truck with the body (bed) raised, install the body (bed) retaining pins through the pin bores in the frame and body.


------ WARNING! ------

No clearance for person in this area when tailgate lowers. Severe injury or death from crushing could occur. Install tailgate safety pin before servicing machine in tailgate area. Remove safety pin and secure before resuming operation.


------ WARNING! ------

Crushing Hazard. Ensure that the engine start switch is in the OFF position, and that the parking brake is engaged before entering the articulation area. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.


For maximum service life of the machine, make a thorough service inspection when you perform lubrication and maintenance work. Look around the machine and under the machine. Inspect the condition of all major components. Check all grease fittings. Look for the following discrepancies:

  • loose bolts

  • trash buildup

  • oil, coolant, or fuel leaks

  • broken parts or worn parts

  • cracks in the frames

Remove any trash and any debris. As needed, adjust the tire inflation. Make any necessary repairs. Make sure that all loose connections and all parts are tightened to the specified torques. Replace any missing parts before starting the engine or before operating the machine.

Inspect the machine for leaks. If leaks are observed, find the source of the leak and correct the leak. If leaks are suspected, check the fluid levels more frequently than the recommended intervals.

Illustration 1g00992046

Inspection points for the service inspection

(A) Ground level controls

(B) Front lights

(C) Cooling system

(D) Engine

(E) Hydraulic system

(F) Air cleaner

(G) Fuel tank

(H) Power train hydraulic system

(I) Steering hydraulic system

(J) Articulating hitch and oscillating hitch

(K) Rear axle

(L) Frame and body

(M) Automatic lubricant reservoir (if equipped)

(N) Tires

(O) Rollover Protective Structure

Illustration 2g01805016

(A) Inspect the ground level controls for proper operation. Replace a damaged or worn engine shutdown switch (1). Replace a damaged or worn battery disconnect switch (2).

(B) Inspect the lights for broken lamps, lenses, and proper operation. Replace broken lamps and lenses.

(C) Inspect the cooling system for leaks, worn hoses, and debris. Repair any leaks and damaged hoses. Remove any debris that could block the air flow through the radiator.

Illustration 3g03671520

(D) Inspect the engine. Use dipstick (3) to check the engine oil level. Check for oil leaks, coolant leaks, and exhaust leaks. Check the belts of the engine for proper tension and for good condition.

Illustration 4g01805019

(E) Inspect the hydraulic system. Check for leaks, worn hoses, and damaged lines. Repair any leaks, worn hoses, and damaged lines.

Check the level in hydraulic tank (4). Make sure that the filler cap is installed. Inspect the tank covers for damaged bolts, loose bolts, or missing bolts. Tighten loose bolts and replace missing bolts. Check the welds and mounting brackets for the hydraulic tank. Inspect the tank for leaks or for damage. If necessary, make repairs.

Illustration 5g01805020

(F) Check engine air cleaner hood (5) for accumulated debris. If necessary, clean engine air cleaner hood (5).

(G) Inspect the fuel tank. Make sure that the filler cap is installed correctly. Check the welds and mounting brackets for the fuel tank. Look for any leaks or damage to the fuel tank.

Illustration 6g00992118

(H) Inspect the hydraulic system for torque converter and transmission (6). Check for leaks from the torque converter and from the transmission. Check for worn hoses and for damaged lines. Repair any leaks, worn hoses, and damaged lines.

Illustration 7g00992119

(I) Inspect the steering hydraulic system for leaks, worn hoses, and damaged lines. If necessary repair leaks, worn hoses and damaged lines. Inspect the steering cylinders (7).

(J) Inspect the articulating hitch and the oscillating hitch for wear, damage, and loose or missing bolts. Have the necessary repairs made.

(K) Inspect the rear axle for leaks. Inspect the rear lights for damage.

Illustration 8g01805021

(L) Inspect the frame and body. Check frame (9) for cracks or damage. Inspect body (8) for damage, wear, or distortion. Check for uneven wear of the body support pads. If equipped with an ejector body, check the ejector body and the tailgate for damage, wear and distortion.

Illustration 9g03710006

(M) Inspect the automatic lubrication system (if equipped). Inspect tank (10) for leaks. Fill tank (10) with lubricant. For the correct procedure, refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Automatic Lubrication Grease Tank - Fill" for the machine that is being serviced. Check all of the grease fittings.

(N) Inspect tires for cuts, gouges, and proper inflation. Remove large rocks from the treads. Look for abnormal wear or uneven wear that may indicate mechanical problems elsewhere. Make sure that you check the inside of the tire for damage or for wear. Inspect the tire treads for damage. If necessary, repair the tires.

Look for damaged rims. Replace any missing valve caps. Check the wheels for bolts that are loose or missing.

Note: Rust behind a bolt may indicate that the bolt is loose. Shiny metal areas around a bolt may indicate that the bolt is loose.

Illustration 10g01805022

(O) Inspect the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) (11) for cracks in welds, castings, or any metal section on the ROPS. Check the mounting bolts and the mounting pads for damage. Consult your Cat dealer for necessary repairs. Inspect the operator station. Check the level in the washer fluid bottle. Check the AVSpare Monitoring System for diagnostic codes. Correct any discrepancies.

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