D343 REAR ENGINE FOR 666 AND 657 SCRAPERS Foreword Caterpillar

1.1. Railroad Loading Rules - For domestic customers within continental limits of the United States
2.1. Avoid Accidents
3.1. Altitude Operation Warning Plate

AVSpare products are a result of advanced engineering, skilled manufacturing, and the finest materials metallurgical science can select. Thousands of satisfying, economical working hours are built into each machine.

Whether or not the owner derives the maximum service from his machine depends largely on the care exercised in its operation and maintenance. This book is written to give the operator essential information regarding the day-to-day operation, lubrication and adjustment of the machine. Careful adherence to these instructions will result in assured economy.

More and more AVSpare owners are depending upon their dealer for service other than the care and adjustments described in this book. This practice is recommended because AVSpare dealers have stocks of genuine AVSpare parts and are equipped with tools designed and built by AVSpare. Their servicemen are factory-trained and are kept closely informed by the factory regarding advanced methods of servicing AVSpare products - thus, in all ways they are equipped to render the best of service.

Railroad Loading Rules
For domestic customers within continental limits of the United States

The loading rules and specifications published in Association of American Railroads Pamphlet No. MD-6, must be complied with when shipping Tractors, Road Grading, Road Making, and Farm Equipment Machinery, on open top cars. Contact the local railroad agent or inspector for these specifications.

Avoid Accidents

Most accidents, whether they occur in the air, in industry, on the farm, at home, on the highways, or at sea, are caused by someone's failure to follow simple and fundamental safety rules or precautions. For this reason most accidents can be prevented by recognizing the real cause and doing something about it before the accident occurs.

Regardless of the care used in the design and construction of any type of equipment, there are many conditions that cannot be completely safeguarded against without interfering with reasonable accessibility and efficient operation.

A careful operator is the best insurance against an accident.

The complete observance of one simple rule would prevent many thousands of serious injuries each year. That rule is: " Never attempt to clean, oil or adjust a machine while it is in motion."

Altitude Operation Warning Plate

1-Radiator guard. 2-Gauges. 3-Hydraulic retarder oil cooler. 4-Diesel engine crankcase filler cap. 5-Diesel engine air cleaner. 6-Diesel engine air cleaner air inlet. 7-Pull hook. 8-Planetary final drive.

1-Diesel engine air cleaner air inlet. 2-Diesel engine air cleaner. 3-Turbocharger. 4-Radiator filler cap. 5-Diesel fuel tank.