HYDRAULIC SCRAPERS Shipping The Scraper Caterpillar

Shipping The Scraper
1.1. Shipping Bracket Installation
2.1. Long Shipment By Rail

Shipping Bracket Installation

Shipping brackets are used on hydraulic scrapers only when the scraper is being loaded or unloaded for shipping; or when it is being transported short distances with the draft arms removed.

The shipping brackets are not interchangeable between scrapers or the left and right side of an individual scraper. To identify their location, the scraper serial number and the letter "L" for left or "R" for right is stamped on each shipping bracket.

Do not exceed a speed of 5 MPH when the shipping brackets are attached and the draft arms are removed.

The shipping brackets are of the types shown in the illustrations. The same instructions pertain to both types of brackets.


1. Raise the scraper bowl; place blocking beneath the scraper bowl floor, blocking the bowl approximately eleven inches (27.94 cm.) above the ground.
2. From both draft arms (2), remove only those bolts (1) which interfere with the installation of the shipping bracket bolts (4).

1-Bolt. 2-Draft arm.

3. Using a suitable hoist and sling arrangement, position shipping bracket (3); then insert bolts (4) securing the bracket to the spreader tube (5).

3-Shipping bracket. 4-Bolt. 5-Spreader tube.

4. Install bolts (7) which hold the shipping bracket (3) to apron (8). Insert as many shims (6) as necessary to obtain a snug fit.

NOTE: Use the hydraulic scraper control system to raise or lower apron and/or bowl to obtain the proper bracket-to-apron alignment.

3-Bracket. 6-Shims. 7-Bolt. 8-Apron.

5. Tighten all bolts which secure the shipping brackets to both the spreader tube and apron.
6. Attach a suitable hoist to the front of the draft arm (2); remove all bolts (1) which hold the draft arm to the spreader tube (5), and lower the front of the draft arm to the floor.

1-Bolt. 2-Draft arm. 5-Spreader tube. 8-Retainer plate.

7. Reposition the lifting chain. Remove retainer plate (8), and the bolts inside the bowl and remove the draft arm from pivot shaft (10) as shown.


8. From inside the scraper bowl, remove shaft (10) with a 1H3107 Push Puller as shown.


Long Shipment By Rail

On long shipments by rail, with the scraper draft arms removed, the bowl lift cylinder rods and the apron lift link should be disconnected. The ejector should be blocked to the rear. To reduce possibility of damage to the disconnected cylinders and link, proceed as follows:

Bowl Lift Cylinders:

1. With the bowl lowered, remove both the bowl lift cylinder rod pins and shims and store for use when reassembling the scraper. The shims will be used to vertically realign the bowl lift cylinder rods with the brackets on the spreader beam.
2. Retract the cylinder rods completely and securely fasten the cylinder rods in such a manner to prevent the rods from extending during shipment.
3. Securely fasten the bowl lift cylinders to the spreader tube to prevent the cylinders from swinging.

Apron Lift Link:

Remove the pin and fasten the lift link to the spreader tube.