D6R Track-Type Tractor Machine Operation Information Caterpillar

Machine Operation Information
1.1. Operating the Machine

To prevent injury, make sure that no maintenance work is being performed on the machine or near the machine. Keep the machine under control at all times in order to prevent injury.

Reduce the engine speed when you maneuver the machine in tight quarters or when you break over a rise.

Select the gear range that is necessary before you start the downgrade. Do not change gears when you are going downhill.

When you drive down a grade, use the same gear range that is used for driving up a grade.

Operating the Machine

  1. Adjust the operator's seat.

  1. Fasten the seat belt.

  1. Raise all implements enough to clear any unexpected obstructions.

    Illustration 1g00100401

  1. Push down on the brake pedal. This will prevent the machine from moving.

    Illustration 2g00104153

  1. Turn the key in order to disengage the parking brake. Turn the key in order to unlock the transmission control. Push the parking brake knob downward.

    Illustration 3g00104154

  1. Move the transmission control lever to the desired direction and to the desired speed. Release the brake pedal in order to release the brakes. Release the brake pedal in order to allow the machine to move.

  1. Move the governor control lever to the desired engine speed.

  1. Drive the machine forward for best visibility and for control.