D6R Track-Type Tractor Digital Display Window Caterpillar

Digital Display Window
1.1. Gear Display (Default)
2.1. Service Hour Meter
3.1. Tachometer
4.1. Service Code

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When you select digital display window (1) , the digital display window provides a readout of six digits that shows the following items:

  • Gear Display (default mode)

  • Operational hours (service hours)

  • Engine speed (tachometer)

  • Diagnostic codes

Press switch (2) in order to select the system status display mode.

Gear Display (Default)

Gear Display is the default mode. Gear Display is one of four modes that is displayed. From Gear Display, the operator can scroll through the different modes.

When the engine is not running and the key is in the ON position, the default display in the operator mode depends on the parking brake status. When you apply the parking brake, the display shows the hour meter. When you release the parking brake, the display shows the gear information.

When the engine is running, the default display in the operator mode is the gear indicator. The operator can scroll through the operator modes by pressing the operator switch and by holding the operator switch. Once you reach the desired operator mode, release the operator switch. The display will remain on the desired operator mode for a period of 15 seconds. Then, the display returns to the default gear indicator.

Note: Any changes that occur in the parking brake status or in the actual gear status will also force the display to the gear indicator regardless of the 15 second waiting period.

If the switch is pressed and released prior to the end of the 15 second waiting period, a new 15 second waiting period begins. You cannot lengthen the 15 second waiting period by repeatedly pressing the switch.

When the display is in any service mode, any change in the parking brake status will force the display to the default gear indication. Press the mode switch and release the mode switch in order to resume the previous service mode.

Note: Whenever the gear information is not available the display will show "--" .

Service Hour Meter

Service Hour Meter - This display indicates the total operating hours of the engine. Use the display in order to determine the service hour maintenance intervals.


Digital Tachometer - The tachometer displays the engine rpm during machine operation.

Service Code

Press switch (2) . The service code indicator indicates that a diagnostic code problem may exist. The diagnostic code may be active. This function will scroll through the parameters. These parameters display the diagnostic codes. The diagnostic codes will continue to scroll through the codes until switch (2) is depressed.

The logged codes and the diagnostic codes will scroll across the display window. Refer to Service Manual, SENR6717, "AVSpare Monitoring System". Refer to Service Manual, SENR8367, "Power Train Electronic Control System" .

Record the service codes. Consult your AVSpare dealer for more information.