D6R Track-Type Tractor Changing Direction and Speed Caterpillar

Changing Direction and Speed

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Speed changes and directional changes at full engine speed are possible. However, deceleration and/or braking is recommended when you change direction. This will maximize operator comfort and the service life of power train components.

  1. Push in the governor control lever (1) in order to decrease the engine speed, or push the decelerator pedal (2) downward in order to decrease the engine speed.

  1. Push the brake pedal (3) downward in order to slow the machine. Also, push the brake pedal (3) downward in order to stop the machine.

    Illustration 3g00100377

  1. Rotate the directional control (4) to the desired direction.

  1. Push the button (5) in order to upshift to the desired gear, or push button (6) in order to downshift to the desired gear.

    Note: The selected gear and selected direction are displayed in the digital display window.

  1. Release the brake pedal.

  1. Increase the engine speed by releasing the decelerator pedal, or increase the engine speed by pulling backward on the governor control lever.