D6R Track-Type Tractor Walk-Around Inspection Caterpillar

Walk-Around Inspection


Accumulated grease and oil on a machine is a fire hazard.

Remove debris with steam cleaning or high pressure water, at the specified interval in the Maintenance Interval Schedule or each time any significant quantity of oil is spilled on the machine.

Note: Watch closely for leaks. If leaking is observed, find the source of the leak and correct the leak. If leaking is suspected or leaking is observed, check the fluid levels more frequently.

Illustration 1g00103813

  • Inspect all of the implements for damage or for excessive wear. Repair the implements if the implements are damaged.

  • Inspect the attachment cylinders and the attachment linkage for damage or for excessive wear. Repair any damages.

  • Inspect the lights for broken bulbs and for broken lenses. Replace any broken bulbs and any broken lenses.

  • Remove any trash buildup around the engine. Remove any trash buildup that is under the floorplate. Also, remove any dirt buildup that is on the top of the crankcase guard.

  • Inspect the cooling system for leaks and repair any cooling system leaks. Check the hoses, the radiator fins, the radiator cap, and the drain area.

  • Inspect the engine precleaner screen for any dirt buildup and for debris buildup. Remove any dirt and debris.

  • Inspect the engine compartment for leaks and repair any engine compartment leaks. Check around all seals and around all covers.

  • Inspect the condition of the steps and of the handholds. Inspect the steps and the handholds for cleanliness. If necessary, repair the steps or clean the steps. Inspect the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) for damage. Inspect the Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) for damage. Consult your AVSpare dealer for any necessary repairs.

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  • Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks. Repair any hydraulic system leaks. Inspect the hoses, the seals, and the flanges.

  • Inspect the final drive for leaks. Repair any final drive leaks.

Illustration 3g00103816

  • Make sure that the covers and the guards are secured. Inspect the covers and the guards for damage, for loose bolts, and for missing bolts.

  • Inspect the transmission for leaks. Repair any transmission leaks. Check around the seals and around the covers. Also, check the hoses around the transmission.

Illustration 4g00103817

  • Inspect the tracks. Repair the tracks if the tracks are damaged or excessively worn. Tighten any loose bolts. Replace missing bolts. Check the tracks for excessive dirt buildup. Check the tightness of the track. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Tracks Adjustment - Check".

  • Inspect the guiding guards for the track. Check for loose bolts or for missing bolts. Check the track components for damage and for wear.

  • Inspect the operator compartment for cleanliness. Remove any trash buildup and any dirt buildup.

  • Inspect the instrument panel. Repair any broken gauges and any broken lights.

Illustration 5g00103818

  • Make sure that the horn, the backup alarm, the lights, the guards, and the shield are working properly.