561M Pipelayer Seat Adjustment Caterpillar

Seat Adjustment

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The operator's seat that is provided with this machine is in compliance with the appropriate class of "ISO 7096".

Note: Adjust the seat for a new operator or at the beginning of each shift.

The operator should be seated against the seat backrest. Adjust the seat so that the operator is allowed full travel of the pedals.

Back Angle Adjustment - Lift handle (1) and allow the seat back to tilt forward. Push the front of the backrest. This will tilt the seat backward. Release handle (1) at the desired position.

Adjustment of the Seat Height - Remove the weight from the seat. Lift the seat height level lever (2) to the stop position. Hold handle (2) upward. Raise the seat upward or push the seat downward. Release the handle at one of the three positions.

Fore/Aft Adjustment - Lift up on fore/aft handle (3). Move the seat forward or move the seat rearward until the desired position is attained. Release the handle in order to lock the seat into position.

Angle Adjustment for the Bottom Cushion - Raise tilt control (4) upward. The seat will raise upward. If you push the front of the seat cushion downward, the seat will lower. Release the handle at one of the three positions.

Weight Adjustment - Position the seat between the middle position and the rear position. Extend the lever that is used for cranking from knob (6). Rotate the crank to the minus position for less support. Rotate the crank to the plus position for more support. Refer to indicator (9) for the approximate weight setting. Release the crank at the desired setting.

Adjustment for the Lumbar Support - Rotate knob (7) to one of three positions in order to attain more support for the lower back. Rotate knob (7) to one of three positions in order to attain less support for the lower back.

Retractable Seat Belt - When the seat has been adjusted to fit the operator, secure retractable seat belt (8) .

Extension of the Back Height - Raise upward on extension (5) in order to remove the extension. Reverse this procedure in order to install extension (5).