D6R Track-Type Tractor Plate Locations and Film Locations Caterpillar

Plate Locations and Film Locations
1.1. Mark for European Union

The Product Identification Number (PIN) will be used to identify a powered machine that is designed for an operator to ride.

AVSpare products such as engines, transmissions and major attachments that are not designed for an operator to ride are identified by Serial Numbers.

For quick reference, record the identification numbers in the spaces that are provided below the illustration.

Illustration 1g00103900

Machine PIN ____________________

Illustration 2g00103897

Transmission Serial Number ____________________

Illustration 3g00103899

Engine Serial Number ____________________

Illustration 4g00103901

Bulldozer Serial Number ____________________

Illustration 5g00445505

Ripper Serial Number ____________________

Mark for European Union

Illustration 6g00039984

This plate is positioned on the left side of the front frame.

  • PIN____________________

  • Model____________________

  • Power (kW)____________________

  • Weight (kg)____________________