561M Pipelayer Cooling System Additive (DEAC) - Add Caterpillar

Cooling System Additive (DEAC) - Add

See the appropriate topics in your machine's Operation and Maintenance Manual for all cooling system requirements.

Use 8T-5296 Test Group to check the concentration of the coolant.

If necessary, add supplemental coolant additive.


Do not exceed the recommended six percent cooling system coolant additive concentration. Excessive cooling system coolant additive concentration can form deposits on the higher temperature surfaces of the cooling system, reducing the engine's heat transfer characteristics. Reduced heat transfer could cause cracking of the cylinder head and other high temperature components. Excessive cooling system coolant additive concentration could also result in radiator tube blockage, overheating, and/or accelerated water pump seal wear. Never use both liquid cooling system coolant additive and the spin-on element (if equipped) at the same time. The use of those additives together could result in cooling system coolant additive concentration exceeding the recommended six percent maximum.

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  1. Slowly loosen the filler cap in order to relieve the pressure. Remove the cap.

  1. Add supplemental coolant additive. Drain some coolant from the radiator into a suitable container in order to allow space for the extra coolant additive.

    Note: Always discard drained fluids according to local regulations.

  1. Add 0.24 L (.50 pint) of supplemental coolant additive for every 38 L (10 US gal) of engine cooling capacity.

  1. Inspect the filler cap gasket. Replace the filler cap if the gasket is damaged.

  1. Install the filler cap.