D5M Track-Type Tractor Engine Air Filter Secondary Element - Replace Caterpillar

Engine Air Filter Secondary Element - Replace


Always replace the secondary element. Do not attempt to reuse it by cleaning. Engine damage could result.

Note: Replace the secondary filter element when you service the primary element for the third time. If a clean primary element has been installed and the filter element indicator still enters the red zone, replace the secondary filter element. Also if the exhaust smoke remains black and a clean primary filter element has been installed, replace the secondary filter element.

Illustration 1g00102925

  1. Open the access cover (if equipped).

  1. Remove the housing cover and the primary element.

    Illustration 2g00039214

  1. Remove the secondary element.

  1. Cover the air inlet opening. Clean the inside of the air cleaner housing.

  1. Inspect the gasket between the air inlet and the housing. If the gasket is damaged, replace the gasket.

  1. Uncover the air inlet opening. Install a new secondary element.

  1. Install the primary element and the air cleaner housing cover.

  1. Close the access cover (if equipped).