D6M Track-Type Tractor Air Conditioner - Test Caterpillar

Air Conditioner - Test
D6M Track-Type Tractor [SEBU6894]
D6M Track-Type Tractor Air Conditioner - Test
D6M Track-Type Tractor Heating and Air Conditioning Controls

------ WARNING! ------

Inhaling air conditioner refrigerant gas through a lit cigarette or other smoking method or inhaling fumes released from a flame contacting air conditioner refrigerant gas can cause bodily harm or death. Do not smoke when servicing air conditioners or wherever refrigerant gas may be present.


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  1. Start the engine. Operate the engine at HIGH IDLE.

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  1. Set the air conditioner control for maximum cooling. Set the fan control knob to the HIGH position.

  1. To stabilize the air conditioning system, run the air conditioning system for two minutes.

  1. Check for refrigerant in the system. Feel the suction line and the discharge line.

    If the system contains refrigerant, the discharge line is warmer than the suction line.

    If the system does not contain refrigerant or the system contains only a small amount of refrigerant, poor cooling will result.

  1. Stop the engine.

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