631E Series II Wheel Tractor-Scrapers Lubricant Information Caterpillar

Lubricant Information
1.1. Cat Fluids


Every attempt is made to provide accurate, up-to-date information. By the use of this document, you agree that AVSpare Inc. is not responsible for errors or omissions.

The information that is provided is the latest recommendations for Cat diesel engines that are covered by this Special Publication. This information supersedes all previous recommendations which have been published for Cat diesel engines that are covered by this Special Publication. Special fluids are required for some engines. These fluids will still be necessary in those engines. Refer to the applicable Operation and Maintenance Manual.

This publication is a supplement to the Operation and Maintenance Manual. This publication does not replace the engine-specific Operation and Maintenance Manuals.


These recommendations are subject to change without notice. Consult your local Cat dealer for the most up to date recommendations.

Failure to follow the recommendations found in this Special Publication can cause engine failures, shortened engine service life, and reduced engine performance.

In order to avoid potential damage to your Cat engine, only purchase Cat fluids and Cat filters through your Cat dealer or Cat authorized outlets. For a list of authorized Cat parts outlets in your area, consult your Cat dealer.

If you purchase what appear to be Cat fluids and/or Cat filters through other outlets/sources, you are at a very high risk of purchasing counterfeit (“look-alike”) products.

Counterfeit or “look-alike” products may visually appear the same as the original Cat product. The product performance and internal quality will typically be very low.

Counterfeit or “look-alike” products have a very high likelihood of causing and/or allowing engine and/or machine compartment damage.

Many of the guidelines, recommendations, and requirements that are provided in this Special Publication are interrelated. Before using the provided information, the user is responsible to read this Special Publication and understand the information provided.

The user is responsible to follow all safety guidelines found in this Special Publication and in the engine Operation and Maintenance Manual when performing all recommended and/or required engine, engine systems, and/or machine maintenance.

For questions concerning the information presented in this Special Publication and/or in your product Operation and Maintenance Manual, and/or for additional guidelines and recommendations (including maintenance interval recommendations/requirements) consult your Cat dealer.

Commercial products that make generic claims of meeting “Cat” and/or “Cat requirements" without listing the specific Cat recommendations and/or requirements that are met may not provide acceptable performance. Reduced engine and/or machine fluid compartment life may result. Refer to this Special Publication and refer to the product Operation and Maintenance Manual for Cat fluids recommendations and/or requirements.

Use of fluids that do not meet at least the minimum performance recommendations and/or requirements may lead to lower compartment performance and/or compartment failure.

Problems/failures that are caused by using fluids that do not meet the minimum recommended and/or required performance level for the compartment are not warrantable by AVSpare. The fluid manufacturer and customer are responsible.

When fluids made by other manufacturers are used on Cat products, the Cat warranty is not affected simply because of such use. Failures that result from the installation or usage of other manufacturer fluids, however, are not Cat factory defects and therefore are NOT covered by the Cat warranty. Cat is not in a position to evaluate the many fluids promoted by other manufacturers and their effects on Cat products. Installation or use of such items is at the discretion of the customer who assumes ALL risks for the effects that result from this usage.

Different brand oils may use different additive packages to meet the various engine performance category/specification requirements. For the best results, do not mix oil brands.

The overall performance of engine and machine compartments is dependent on the choice of the lubricants and on the maintenance and cleanliness practices. The choices include filtration products, contamination control, tank management, and general handling practices. Cat designed and produced filtration products offer optimal performance and system protection.

In order to obtain additional information on Cat designed and produced filtration products, refer to Special Publication, SEBU9208, "AVSpare Filters Recommendations". Also refer to the “Reference Material” article, “Filters” and “Miscellaneous” topics in this Special Publication. Consult your Cat dealer for assistance with filtration recommendations for your Cat machine.

Note: Inorder to help ensure the maximum expected compartment performance and life, use a fluid that meets Cat highest level of fluid performance as described in this Special Publication for the compartment. Using a fluid that is considered an acceptable, but lower performing option for typical applications, will provide lower performance.


Faulty engine coolant temperature regulators, or operating with light loads, short operation cycles, excessive idling, or operating in applications where normal operating temperature is seldom reached can contribute to excessive water in the crankcase oil. Corrosive damage, piston deposits, increased oil consumption, and other damage can result. If a complete oil analysis program is not followed or if the results are ignored, the potential for damage increases. Follow engine warmup recommendations provided in this Special Publication and/or given in your engine Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Cat Fluids

Cat fluids have been developed and tested by Cat to optimize the performance and the life of Cat engines and machines. The quality of finished oil is dependent on the quality of the base stock, the quality of the additives and the compatibility of the base stock and additives. Cat fluids are formulated of high-quality refined oil base stocks and additives of optimal chemistry and quantity in order to provide high performance in engines and machine components. Cat fluids are used for factory fill of Cat engines and components and are offered by Cat dealers for service fills and as aftermarket products. Consult with your Cat dealer for more information on these Cat fluids.

Cat recommends the use of the following Cat fluids:

Table 1
Cat Lubricants  Viscosity Grade 
Diesel Engine Oil-Ultra Low Sulfur (1)(2) (API CK-4)  Cat DEO-ULS  SAE 15W-40 
SAE 10W-30
Cat DEO Cold Weather SAE 0W-40 
Diesel Engine Oil (1)
Cat DEO  SAE 15W-40 
SAE 10W-30
Multi-Application Engine Oil  Cat MAEO Plus (Non-Cat mixed fleets)  SAE 10W-40 
Pre Combustion Oil  Cat PCO  SAE 40 
Transmission/Drive Train Oil  Cat TDTO  SAE 10W 
SAE 30
SAE 50
Cat TDTO-TMS Multigrade 
Cat TDTO Cold Weather SAE 0W-20 
Special Application Transmission Oil  Cat SATO  Multigrade 
Automatic Transmission Fluid  Cat ATF-HD2  Multigrade Synthetic 
Final Drive and Axles Oil  Cat FDAO  SAE 60 
Cat FDAO SYN Multigrade 
Gear Oil  Cat GO  SAE 80W-90 
SAE 85W-140
Cat Synthetic GO SAE 75W-140 
Cat Marine POD GO SAE 75W-90 
Cat Compactor Oil ISO 220 
Cat GO ISO 220 
Hydraulic Oil  Cat HYDO Advanced  SAE 10W 
SAE 30
Cat Bio HYDO Advanced (HEES) ISO 46 Multigrade 
Multipurpose Tractor Oil  Cat MTO  SAE 10W-30 
(1) Cat engine oils exceed the performance requirements of the respective API categories
(2) These oils have changed from API CJ-4 to API CK-4 early in 2017

Note: Additional Cat fluids may be available. Some specialized oils are available in limited regions globally. Refer to your Cat dealer for oil availability.

Note: Cat offers Special Application Engine Oil (SAEO), of SAE 30 and SAE 40 viscosity grades that fullfills all the requirements of API CF category oil. These oils are recommended for use in 3116 and 3126 marine engines only.

Note: Cat offers a Diesel Engine oil (DEO), SAE 40, that fulfills all the requirements of API CF category for use in Cat 3600 engine models only. Refer to Special Publication, SEBU7003.

Table 2
Cat Grease products 
Grease  Cat Utility Grease 
Cat Prime Application Grease
Cat Extreme Application Grease
Cat Extreme Application Grease - Desert
Cat Extreme Application Grease - Arctic (Semi-Synthetic)
Cat Ball Bearing Grease
Cat White Assembly Grease
Cat Hammer Paste

Table 3
Cat Engine Coolant Products 
Cat Extend Life Coolants and Extenders  Cat Extended Life Coolant (Cat ELC) 
Cat Extended Life Inhibitor (Cat ELI)
Cat Extended Life Extender (Cat ELC Extender)
Cat Conventional Coolants and Supplemental Coolant Additives  Cat Diesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant 
Cat Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA)

Note: Cat fluids availability will vary by region.

This information applies to Cat machines. For more lubricant recommendations see the following Special Publications:

  • Special Publication, SEBU6251, "AVSpare Commercial Diesel Engine Fluid Recommendations"

  • Special Publication, SEBU6385, "AVSpare On-Highway Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations"

  • Special Publication, SEBU6400, "AVSpare Gas Engine Fluids Recommendations"

  • Special Publication, SEBU7003, "AVSpare 3600 Series and C280 Series Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations"

Always consult your Cat dealer to ensure that you have the current revision level of the publication.

Note: The optimal application of the lubricants is dependent on the oil quality and the maintenance practices such as contamination control, tank management, and general handling practices.