D6M Track-Type Tractor Refill Capacities Caterpillar

Refill Capacities

Table 1
Compartment or System     Liters     US gal     Imperial gallon    
Cooling System     48.4     12.8     10.6    
Fuel Tank     311.0     82.2     68.4    
Engine Crankcase and Filter     26.0     6.9     5.8    
Power Train Oil System     144.0     38.0     31.7    
Hydraulic Tank Oil     29.2     7.7     6.4    
Final Drives     7.0     1.8     1.5    
Recoil Spring Compartment     29.5     7.8     6.5    

Note: When you are operating on severe slopes, the quantity of oil in the transmission can be increased up to 10 percent. When you are operating with the increased oil quantity, prolonged operation in some machines can cause high transmission oil temperatures. After the work on the severe slopes has been completed, drain the excessive oil quantity from the transmission.