631E Series II Wheel Tractor-Scrapers Shipping the Machine Caterpillar

Shipping the Machine

Investigate the travel route for overpass clearances. Make sure that there is adequate clearance for the machine that is being transported. This is especially important for machines that are equipped with a ROPS, with a FOPS, with a cab, or with a canopy.

Remove ice, snow, or other slippery material from the loading dock and from the truck bed before you load the machine onto the transport machine. Removing ice, snow, or other slippery material will help to prevent the machine from slipping in transit.


Obey all state and local laws governing the weight, width and length of a load.

Remove the ether starting aid cylinder, if equipped. Make sure the cooling system has proper antifreeze if moving machine to a colder climate.

Observe all regulations governing wide loads.

Illustration 1g00100962

  1. Before you load the machine, block the trailer wheels or the rail car wheels, as shown.

  2. Lower all attachments to the floor of the transport machine. Move the transmission control (lever) to the NEUTRAL position.

  3. Engage the parking brake.

  4. Stop the engine.

  5. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position. Remove the engine start switch key.

  6. Engage the transmission neutral lock control.

  7. Turn the battery disconnect switch to the OFF position. Remove the battery disconnect switch key.

  8. Lock the door and the access covers. Attach any vandalism protection.

  9. Block the tires. Secure the machine with tie-downs.

  10. Cover the exhaust opening or secure the rain cap in order to prevent the turbocharger from windmilling in transit.

To protect the cooling systems, mix the solution of antifreeze and water. The solution should provide protection to the lowest expected outside temperature. Drain the coolant into a suitable container.

Perform a walk-around inspection and measure the fluid levels in the various compartments.

Travel at a moderate speed. Observe all speed limitations when you are roading the machine.

Consult your AVSpare Dealer for shipping instructions for your machine.