651E Wheel Tractor-Scraper Blocking the Bowl and Apron Caterpillar

Blocking the Bowl and Apron

------ WARNING! ------

Apron movement can cause personal injury.

To prevent movement, block the apron when performing maintenance in the bowl area.


Note: Any material that might fall on the worker should be removed from the apron.

  1. Raise the bowl. Place a block under the bowl.

  1. Lower the bowl to the block.

  1. Block the bowl only to a height so that the bowl can be worked on.

    Illustration 1g00100932

  1. Remove the bolt (1) and remove the pin assembly (2) .

    Illustration 2g00100934

  1. Raise the apron to a height in order to clear the pin holder.

    Illustration 3g00100935

  1. Install the pin assembly.

  1. Lower the apron, until the apron is resting on the pin assembly.