651E Wheel Tractor-Scraper Dumping and Spreading Caterpillar

Dumping and Spreading

Dump the material at the highest practical travel speed.

  1. Downshift when you come to the dump area in order to maintain proper engine rpm.

    Illustration 1g00100906

  1. Move the cushion-hitch control to the OFF position in order to spread the material evenly.

    Note: If you do not need to spread the material evenly, keep the cushion-hitch control in the ON position .

    Illustration 2g00100907

  1. Lower the bowl to the desired spread height.

  1. Open the apron at the beginning of the dump area.

    Note: If you are dumping free-flowing material, open the apron partially. When you are dumping slabs or rocky material, open the apron fully. Make sure that the material has fallen out of the bowl in order to prevent damage to the ejector.

  1. At the start of the dump area, slowly move the ejector forward.

  1. Raise the bowl slowly in order to leave the dump area smooth. Raise the bowl high enough so that the bowl passes over obstacles.

  1. Move the ejector control to the RETURN position when the bowl has been emptied. Close the apron.

  1. Move the cushion-hitch control to the ON position.

  1. Return to the cut at a speed that is suitable to the conditions of the job site.