IT62G Integrated Toolcarrier and 950G and 962G Wheel Loaders Work Tool Positioner Caterpillar

Work Tool Positioner

------ WARNING! ------

Use caution to avoid possible personal injury when adjusting the bucket positioner.

Stop the engine and lower all equipment to relieve the hydraulic pressure.

Engage the parking brake and block the tires to prevent sudden movement of the machine.

Keep unauthorized personnel off the machine.

  1. Start the engine. Position the bucket at the desired angle to the ground.

    Note: For best results, the bottom of the bucket should be parallel to the ground.

  2. Lower the bucket to the ground.

  3. Turn the engine start switch to the OFF position and remove the key.

    Illustration 1g00996499

  4. Loosen the setscrews that secure the magnet on tilt linkage (5). Rotate the magnet so that the magnet is perpendicular to tube (2). Once the adjustment is complete, tighten the setscrews.

  5. Loosen two bolts (3) and tighten allen head screw (4) in order to expand the clamp.

  6. Position tube (2) so that the front edge of control group (1) is opposite the front edge of the magnet on tilt linkage (5).

  7. When tube (2) is correctly adjusted, loosen allen head screw (4) and tighten two bolts (3). Then, tighten allen head screw (4) to 15 ± 4 N·m (11 ± 3 lb ft) in order to prevent loss during normal machine operation.

  8. Adjust control group (1) so that the control group is vertically centered with the magnet on tilt linkage (5). Also, adjust control group (1) so that there is a 5.0 ± 1.0 mm (0.19 ± .04 inch) gap between the face of control group (1) and the magnet on tilt linkage (5).

  9. To check the adjustment, start the engine. Raise the bucket. Move the tilt control lever to the TILT BACK detent position.

    When the bucket reaches the preset digging angle, the tilt control lever should return to the HOLD position.

  10. If the detent position is not correct, perform Steps 1 through 9 again.