928G Wheel Loader Starting Above 0°C (32°F) Caterpillar

Starting Above 0°C (32°F)

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  1. Move both the transmission direction control lever and the direction control switch (if equipped) into NEUTRAL.

  1. Lift the steering column release lever and move the steering column to the desired position. Release the steering column release lever in order to lock the steering column into position.

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  1. Engage the parking brake.

  1. Move the control levers to the HOLD position.

  1. Turn the engine start switch to the ON position. Pause for three seconds so that the secondary steering self-test (if equipped) can test.

  1. Push the accelerator pedal to the floor. Then, release the pedal to approximately 1/3 pedal travel and hold the pedal.

  1. Turn the engine start switch key in order to start the engine. Release the key and the accelerator pedal when the engine starts.


Do not crank the engine for more than 30 seconds. Allow the starter to cool for two minutes before cranking again.

Turbocharger damage can result, if the engine is not kept low until the engine oil light/gauge verifies the oil pressure is sufficient.