966G and 972G Wheel Loaders Tilt Control Caterpillar

Tilt Control

Illustration 1g00292797
Pilot Hydraulic Bucket Controls

Illustration 2g00100499
Electro-Hydraulic Bucket Controls

Dump (1) - Push the lever forward in order to dump a load from the bucket.

Hold (2) - When you release the lever, the lever will return the HOLD position. The bucket will remain in the selected position.

Tilt Back (3) - Pull the lever backward in order to tilt the bucket backward.

The lever is detented in the full TILT BACK position. The lever will stay in the detent and the bucket will continue to tilt back until the bucket reaches the digging angle that is preset by the tilt kickout. Then, the lever returns to the HOLD position.

Note: A machine with ride control may experience partial lowering of the lift arms when the lever is held in the DUMP position with the bucket against the bucket stops and the lift arms are fully raised. To avoid partial lowering of the lift arms, return the lever to the HOLD position.