928G Wheel Loader Warning Signs and Labels Caterpillar

Warning Signs and Labels
1.1. Do Not Operate
2.1. No Clearance
3.1. ROPS
4.1. Pressurized System
5.1. Batteries
6.1. Battery
7.1. Ether

There are several specific warning signs on this machine. The exact location of the hazards and the description of the hazards are reviewed in this section. Please become familiarized with all warning signs.

Make sure that all of the warning signs are legible. Clean the warning signs or replace the warning signs if you cannot read the words. Replace the illustrations if the illustrations are not legible. When you clean the warning signs, use a cloth, water and soap. Do not use solvent, gasoline, or other harsh chemicals to clean the safety signs. Solvents, gasoline, or harsh chemicals could loosen the adhesive that secures the warning sign. Loose adhesive will allow the warning sign to fall.

Replace any safety sign that is damaged, or missing. If a safety sign is attached to a part that is replaced, install a safety sign on the replacement part. Any AVSpare dealer can provide new safety signs.

Do Not Operate

Illustration 2g00102136

This warning label is positioned in the cab on the right side.

------ WARNING! ------

Do not operate or work on the machine unless you have read and understand the instructions and warnings in the Operation and Maintenance manuals. Failure to follow the instruction or heed the warnings could result in injury or death. Contact any AVSpare dealer for replacement manuals. proper care is your responsibility.

For machines equipped with quick coupler, improper attachment of implements could result in injury or death.

Do not operate this machine until you have positive indication that the coupler pins are fully engaged. Follow recommended procedure in Operation and Maintenance manual.

If machine is radio equipped, radio must be fastened securely. Failure to do so could allow the radio to fall out during rough machine operation or roll over and result in injury. Refer to Operation and Maintenance manual for specific fastening and latching requirements.

Do not spray ether into engine when using thermal starting aid to start engine. Personal injury and machine damage could result.


No Clearance

Illustration 3g00454490

This warning label is positioned on the machine at the center pivot.

------ WARNING! ------

No clearance for person in this area when machine turns. Severe injury or death from crushing could occur.



Illustration 4g00454491

This warning label is positioned on the outside of the cab on the left rear side.

------ WARNING! ------

Structural damage, an overturn, modification, alteration, or improper repair can impair this structure's protection capability thereby voiding this certification. Do not weld on or drill holes in the structure. Consult a AVSpare dealer to determine this structure's limitations without voiding its certification.


Pressurized System

Illustration 5g00102134

Remove the access panel on the top of the hood. The warning is positioned on the radiator on the left side of the machine.

------ WARNING! ------

Pressurized system: Hot coolant can cause serious burn. To open cap, stop engine, wait until radiator is cool. Then loosen cap slowly to relieve the pressure.



Illustration 6g00454492

Remove the access panel on the left side of the machine. The warning is positioned on the inside of the compartment.

------ WARNING! ------

Improper jumper cable connections can cause explosion resulting in personal injury. Batteries may be located in separate compartments, always connect positive (+) cable to positive (+) terminal of battery connected to starter solenoid and negative (-) cable from external source to engine block or frame.



Illustration 7g00454494

The label is located on the battery.

------ WARNING! ------


Shield eyes, Explosive gases. Can cause blindness or injury.

No sparks, flames or smoking.

Sulfuric Acid can cause blindness or severe burns.


Keep out of reach of children. Contains sulfuric acid. For medical emergency in USA or Canada contact: 800-458-5924, other countries contact:, 303-893-1322.



Illustration 8g00102783

This warning label is positioned on the hood on the right side of the machine.


Do not spray ether into the intake.