D5M Track-Type Tractor Digital Display Window Caterpillar

Digital Display Window
1.1. Service Hour Meter
2.1. Tachometer
3.1. Service Code

Illustration 1g00101612

The digital display window (1) provides a six digit readout that shows the following items.

  • Operational hours (service hours)

  • Engine speed (tachometer)

  • Diagnostic codes

  • Parking brake ON

  • Parking brake OFF displays the selected gear.

Press the switch (2) for the operator for the system status display mode in order to scroll through several parameters. Hold down the switch for at least one second. The parameters will scroll across the digital display window. When the desired parameter is displayed, release the switch.

Service Hour Meter

Service Hour Meter - This display indicates the total operating hours of the engine. Use the display in order to determine the service hour maintenance intervals.


Digital Tachometer - The tachometer displays the engine rpm during machine operation.

Service Code

The service code indicator indicates that a diagnostic code problem may exist. The diagnostic code may be active. Press the rocker switch. This function will scroll through the units of measurement. These units of measurement display the diagnostic codes.

The logged codes and the diagnostic codes will scroll across the display window. Refer to Service Manual, SENR6717, "AVSpare Monitoring System". Refer to Service Manual, SENR8367, "Power Train Electronic Control System".