824G , 825G and 826G Landfill Compactor Mounting and Dismounting Caterpillar

Mounting and Dismounting
1.1. Alternate Exit

Illustration 1g00541770

824G Wheel Tractor and 825G Soil Compactor

Illustration 2g00541732

826G Landfill Compactor

Mount the machine only at locations that are equipped with steps and/or handholds. Dismount the machine only at locations that have steps and/or handholds.

Before you mount the machine, clean the steps and the handholds. Inspect the steps and handholds. Make all necessary repairs.

Illustration 3g00037367

Face the machine whenever you mount the machine and whenever you dismount the machine. Maintain a three-point contact with the steps and with the handholds.

Note: Three-point contact can be two feet and one hand. Three-point contact can also be one foot and two hands.

Do not mount a moving machine. Do not dismount a moving machine. Never jump off the machine.

Do not try to mount the machine when you are carrying tools or supplies. Do not try to dismount the machine when you are carrying tools or supplies. Use a hand line to pull equipment onto the platform.

Do not use any controls as handholds when you enter the operator compartment or when you exit the operator compartment.

Alternate Exit

Machines that are equipped with cabs have alternate exits. For additional information, refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Alternate Exit".