D9R Track-Type Tractor Adjustable Ripper Caterpillar

Adjustable Ripper

The shank on the ripper has angle adjustments and length adjustment features.

The angle of the shank must be varied in order to achieve the maximum performance throughout each ripping pass.

Illustration 1g00040595

Adjust the angle of the shank back to a vertical position. This will give you the correct tip angle for entering the material. The angle may need to change because of the different materials that need to be ripped.

Illustration 2g00040600

Lower the ripper into the material while you move the machine forward. When you reach the desired ripping depth, move the shank forward in order to achieve the correct angle for best performance. This angle is usually between the vertical position of the shank and the full forward position of the shank.

Illustration 3g00040603

Move the ripper shank forward to the SHANK IN position when you pry out the lodged material.

Illustration 4g00040607

Adjust the length of the shank according to the following procedure.

  1. Maintain a length of the shank so that the machine can efficiently pull the shank through the material.

  2. Maintain sufficient clearance under the lower ripper frame. This will prevent the machine from catching on large slabs or on large rocks that are brought to the surface.

  3. Keep the lower frame assembly as parallel to the ground as possible. This will evenly distribute the stress.

  4. When you remove material with a scraper or with a loader, shallow ripping is recommended.

  5. When you are ripping and you are loading a scraper, rip in the same direction as the scraper that is being loaded.

  6. Never rip to a deeper depth than the depth of the material that is being removed.

  7. When you are removing material with an excavator or with a bulldozer, deep ripping is recommended.