D7R Track-Type Tractor Winch Adjustment Caterpillar

Winch Adjustment

The winch has an adjustable sequence valve. The adjustable sequence valve permits the selection of "no inch" characteristics or of inching characteristics. These selections are made when you reel out the winch and when you reel in the winch.

Inching is the controlled movement of the cable. During the reel-out function, the cable is in the inching mode. The setting for the inching is normally used when the machine and the winch are working on construction and pipeline work. This setting gives the operator the control that is necessary to put an object in an exact position.

The no inch setting may be used when precise control is not necessary.

When you use the inch setting, move the winch control lever to the reel out position. Move the lever into the channel in order to start the drum rotation. Use the engine speed to control the inching rate. For better inching control, always use a slower engine speed.

Factory setting for the adjustable sequence valve is set at the no inch setting.


Illustration 1g00040338

  1. Remove the access cover from the winch.

    Illustration 2g00040346

  1. Remove the plug from the end of the valve. Use a screwdriver to turn the stop assembly. The slot in the stop assembly must be aligned with either the inch mark or the no-inch mark. Install the plug in the end of the valve. Install the cover.