D10R Track-Type Tractor Engine and Machine Warm-Up Caterpillar

Engine and Machine Warm-Up
1.1. Elevated Low Idle

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Keep engine speed low until the engine oil pressure registers on the gauge or the engine oil indicator light goes out.

If the gauge does not register or the light does not go out within ten seconds, stop the engine and investigate the cause before starting again. Failure to do so, can cause engine damage.

  1. Allow a cold engine to warm up at low idle for at least five minutes. Engage the attachment controls and disengage the attachment controls in order to help warm-up of the hydraulic components.

    Cycle all of the controls in order to allow the warm oil to circulate through all of the cylinders and all of the lines.

    Illustration 2g00039063

  2. Frequently look at the action light and the gauge display during operation.

  3. Look at the hydraulic oil tank and the transmission oil levels. Maintain the oil levels to the FULL marks.

Elevated Low Idle

If the oil temperature is less than 60 deg C (140 deg F), the ECM will set cold start conditions. Low idle RPM may be increased to 1000 RPM. Engine power will be limited. Ether may be injected. Cold Mode will be deactivated at the proper temperature or Cold Mode will be deactivated after 14 minutes of running.

Elevated low idle can be disabled by placing the transmission in gear from neutral or by releasing the parking brake. Cold Mode may be reset, if temperature conditions still exist. The engine will increase to 1000 RPM, if the transmission is not in gear. Cold Mode also varies the fuel injection amount and the timing for control of white smoke.


A 3412E Engine should not be moved until it is out of Cold Mode. If the machine is operated while in Cold Mode, power may be noticeably reduced.