D6R Track-Type Tractor Winch Oil - Change Caterpillar

Winch Oil - Change

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury.

Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


Illustration 1g00039947

  1. Remove the oil filler plug.

    Illustration 2g00039945

  1. Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the winch. Allow the oil to drain into a suitable container.

  1. Inspect the plug seal. If necessary, replace the plug seal.

  1. Clean the drain plug and install the drain plug.

  1. Fill the oil compartment until oil is visible in the sight gauge. See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities" .

  1. Clean the filler plug and install the filler plug.

  1. Run the engine at low idle. Maintain the oil level so that the oil level is visible in the sight gauge.

    Illustration 3g00039952

  1. Remove the breather on top of the winch case. Wash the breather in a clean nonflammable solvent. Install the breather.