D10R Track-Type Tractor Transmission System Oil Level - Check Caterpillar

Transmission System Oil Level - Check

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury.

Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.

The transmission oil dipstick is behind the access cover on the left side of the machine.

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  1. Open the access door.

  2. Check the oil.


    Use the "TRANSMISSION IN NEUTRAL, ENGINE AT LOW IDLE, AND OIL AT OPERATING TEMPERATURE" side of the dipstick (1). Check when the transmission is in NEUTRAL and the engine is running at LOW IDLE. The oil should be at operating temperature. Maintain the oil level between the "OPERATING ZONE" marks. This is the only accurate way to check the oil level.


    Check the "ENGINE STOPPED COLD OIL" side of dipstick (1) while the engine is stopped. Maintain the oil between the "OPERATING ZONE" marks. This method should be used as reference only.

    Note: When you are operating the machine on severe slopes, the quantity of oil in the transmission can be increased up to 10 percent. When you are operating with the increased oil quantity, prolonged operation in some machines can cause high transmission oil temperatures. After the work on the severe slopes has been completed, drain the excessive oil quantity from the bevel gear case.

  3. Remove filler plug (2). If necessary, add oil.

  4. Clean the filler plug and install the filler plug.

  5. Close the access cover.