D10R Track-Type Tractor Engine Oil and Filter - Change Caterpillar

Engine Oil and Filter - Change

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and components can cause personal injury.

Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.


Care must be taken to ensure that fluids are contained during performance of inspection, maintenance, testing, adjusting and repair of the machine. Be prepared to collect the fluid with suitable containers before opening any compartment or disassembling any component containing fluids.

Refer to Special Publication, NENG2500, "AVSpare Tools and Shop Products Guide", for tools and supplies suitable to collect and contain fluids in AVSpare machines.

Dispose of all fluids according to local regulations and mandates.

Illustration 1g00594056

If the machine is equipped with a high speed oil change, use a 126-7539 Nozzle Assembly.

Illustration 2g00490801

  1. Remove the two bolts in order to remove the crankcase drain access cover, which is in the crankcase guard.

    Illustration 3g00040435

  2. Open the crankcase drain valve. Allow the oil to drain into a suitable container. A drain hose may be attached to the crankcase drain valve in order to aid the draining of the oil.

  3. When the oil has been completely drained from the crankcase, close the crankcase drain valve. Close the crankcase drain access cover.

    Illustration 4g00040434

  4. Remove the crankcase oil filter elements and discard the crankcase oil filter elements properly. Make sure that all of the old filter seals are removed from the filter base.

  5. Apply a thin coat of oil to the new filter seals. Install the new crankcase oil filter elements by hand. When the gaskets contact the filter base, tighten the filter elements by an additional turn of 270 degrees. Rotation index marks are on the new filter elements. These rotation index marks are spaced at 90 degree intervals. Use these rotation index marks as a guide for proper tightening.

  6. Install the crankcase drain plug.

    Illustration 5g00040437

  7. Remove oil filler cap (1). Fill the crankcase with new oil. See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities". Clean the oil filler cap and install the oil filler cap.

  8. Always measure the oil level with dipstick (2) in order to ensure that the correct amount of oil was added.

  9. Check the “SAFE OPERATING RANGE” side of dipstick (2) while the engine is stopped. The oil should be at operating temperature. Maintain the oil level in the SAFE OPERATING RANGE.