834B and 836 Landfill Compactor Fuel System Secondary Filter - Replace Caterpillar

Fuel System Secondary Filter - Replace


Do not fill fuel filters with fuel before installing them. Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to fuel system parts.

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  1. Open the access cover on the left side of the machine.

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  1. Remove the used filter element. Dispose of the used filter element properly.

  1. Clean the filter mounting base. Make sure that all of the used seal is removed.

  1. Lubricate the seal of a new filter with clean diesel fuel.

  1. Install the new filter by hand. After the gasket contacts the filter base, tighten the filter by an additional 3/4 turn.

    There are rotation index marks on the filter at 90 degree intervals. Use these marks as a guide for proper tightening.

  1. Prime the fuel system.

    Reference: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fuel System - Prime" for the correct procedure.

  1. Close the access cover.

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