834B and 836 Landfill Compactor Circuit Breakers - Reset Caterpillar

Circuit Breakers - Reset

Circuit Breaker Reset - Depress the button in order to reset the circuit breaker. If the circuit is functioning properly, the button will remain depressed. If the button will not remain depressed, check the appropriate electrical circuit.

Illustration 1g00274839

The circuit breaker panel is located in the compartment at the rear of the cab.

Illustration 2g00667839

Engine Start Switch (1) - 10 Amp

Electronic Control Module (ECM) (2) - 15 Amp

Main Circuit (3) - 80 Amp

Alternator (4) - 80 Amp

Note: The following three circuit breakers are only on the 836 Landfill Compactor (7FR264-UP ).

Crankcase Guard (5) - 10 Amp

Power Train Guard (6) - 10 Amp

Air Conditioner (7) - 20 Amp

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The circuit breaker for the blower motor is under the fuse panel to the right of the front dash panel.

Blower Motor - 20 Amp

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