657 TRACTOR-SCRAPER Transporting Hints Caterpillar

Transporting Hints
1.1. Roading
2.1. Shipping



Rear engine must be running and transmission engaged when roading to provide lubrication to transmission.

TON-MPH limitations must be observed whenever roading a tractor-scraper. Check with the tire distributor for speed limits on the specific tires involved before roading a tractor-scraper.

Bring water, oil and fuel up to proper level.

Do not travel over 20 MPH (30 km/hr).

Every 40 miles (100 km) or 3 hours, stop for 30 minutes to inspect the machine and let tires, brakes and bearings cool.

Obey all traffic regulations.


Check regulations covering transportation of cylinders containing compressed gas (cushion hitch accumulator).

1. With air system at NORMAL operating pressure and emergency brake released, lower scraper apron and bowl. Stop engine and remove key.

2. Open drain on tractor emergency reservoir.

3. Disconnect two scraper delivery lines at unions on relay emergency valve.

4. Open drains on tractor air reservoirs.

5. Open drain on scraper air reservoirs.
6. Close all drains and reconnect hoses.

7. Block tires and secure machine with tie-downs.

8. Cover operator's seat.

9. Cover exhaust openings to prevent turbochargers "windmilling" in transit.