992 WHEEL LOADER Maximum Deformation Of Molded Rib Caterpillar

Maximum Deformation Of Molded Rib
1.1. Handling Tire Components
2.1. Fender Extensions
2. Check for splits on the edges of the mounting belt. These edge splits may appear at the bond line of rubber to the anchor plate and at locations between the anchor plates. The edge split identifies a potential failure area and should be verified by further inspecting the molding rib deformation on the belt outside diameter. An edge split alone does not indicate replacement of the belt, however, if further inspection reveals broken cables and maximum allowable rib deformation, the belt should be inspected by a qualified serviceman.
3. Check for exposed and broken cables. Any broken or exposed cable is an obvious sign of stress, but does not necessarily indicate immediate belt replacement. Daily careful inspections should be made in the area of cut or broken cables. If further cable breakage and distress is observed and the molded ribs become deformed to maximum allowable limit, replace the belt.



Handling Tire Components

If the carcass should fail while the machine is moving, the belt could come off the carcass. To prevent further damage to the belt during storage or moving, position the belt so the distance between opposite inside surfaces is more than 32 inches (838 mm) apart. To move or position the belt, connect a three or four point lift chain and hooks to the ends of shoes.


Do not use cables or chains through the inside of the belt when lifting or positioning.

When lifting a complete Beadless Tire Assembly, attach chain hooks to the rim on each side of the tire. The lift chains should be attached to a lifting beam. All supporting members (chains) should be parallel to each other.


Do not use cables or chains through the rims to lift the complete assembly.



Fender Extensions

Machines with the Beadless Tire arrangement are equipped with fender extensions. These extensions prevent extensive damage in the event of a total belt failure.

------ WARNING! ------

Do not operate the vehicle with these extensions removed or damaged.