992 WHEEL LOADER Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months Caterpillar

Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months
1.1. (19)Transmission
2.1. (20)Frame Lower Pivot Bearing
3.1. (21)Steering Follow-Up Linkage
4.1. (22)Drive Shaft Support Bearing
5.1. (23)Front Drive Shaft Universals
6.1. (24)Rear Drive Shaft Universals
7.1. (25)Hydraulic Pump Drive Universals
8.1. (26)Fuel Tank And Filler Cap
9.1. (27)Brakes
10.1. (28)Engine Precleaner


Machine level, bucket lowered and parking brake set.

1. Open hinged cover in grate located behind cab. Remove transmission filler cap.

2. Remove transmission drain plug and allow oil to drain.

3. Remove magnetic screen cover plate.

4. Remove magnetic screen assembly.
5. Wash screen in clear solvent.
6. Clean magnets with a cloth, stiff brush or pressure air.

------ WARNING! ------

When using pressure air wear safety glasses and protective clothing. Maximum air pressure must be below 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2).



Do not drop or rap magnets against hard objects. Replace any damaged magnets.

7. Inspect magnets and use new ones if necessary.
8. Install magnetic screen assembly.
9. Clean and install transmission drain plug.

10. Fill transmission (See Refill Capacities).

11. Operate loader a few minutes and check oil level. Add oil if required.

(20)Frame Lower Pivot Bearing

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(21)Steering Follow-Up Linkage

Lubricate 2 fittings at right side of front case.

(22)Drive Shaft Support Bearing

Lubricate 1 fitting at left rear of front case.

(23)Front Drive Shaft Universals

Lubricate 3 fittings.

(24)Rear Drive Shaft Universals

Lubricate 2 fittings.

(25)Hydraulic Pump Drive Universals

Lubricate 2 fittings.

(26)Fuel Tank And Filler Cap

1. Open drain valve and drain moisture and sediment.

2. Remove fuel filler cap and disassemble.
3. Wash cap element in clean solvent. Squeeze dry.
4. Oil element lightly.
5. Assemble and install cap.


1. Apply brakes and check for clearance between edge of shoe plates and retractor springs. Install new brake lining when shoe plate contacts retractor springs.

2. Replace damaged or missing retractor springs.

(28)Engine Precleaner

1. Remove precleaner rain cover and inspect tube openings.

2. To remove precleaner, loosen discharge hose.

3. Loosen retaining ring wing nut and remove precleaner.

4. Wash in warm water or brush or blow dirt from housing and tubes.

5. Wash or blow dirt from rain cap and screen.
6. Install precleaner. Make sure it is properly seated and the retaining ring is tight.
7. Install rain cap.