992 WHEEL LOADER Every 500 Service Hours Or 3 Months Caterpillar

Every 500 Service Hours Or 3 Months
1.1. (16)Transmission
2.1. (17)Hydraulic System
3.1. (18)Crankcase Breather


1. Remove grate located directly behind cab entrance.

2. Remove filter drain plug and allow to drain.

3. Remove cover and element assembly.

4. Remove retaining nut and element retainer.

5. Remove element and clean cover. Inspect seals and use new ones if necessary.
6. Install new element on cover.
7. Install drain plug.
8. Install element and cover.
9. Check transmission oil level. Add oil if necessary.

10. Remove breather located on fill pipe.

11. Remove breather located on transmission housing.
12. Wash breathers in clean solvent.
13. Blow or shake dry.
14. Oil breather elements lightly.
15. Install breathers.

(17)Hydraulic System

Engine stopped, bucket lowered and parking brake set.

Wait at least 5 minutes after engine stops before servicing filters.

Move hydraulic control levers to relieve pressure.

1. Remove drain plug in main tank filter cover.

2. Remove drain plug in pilot filter housing.

3. Remove lower plate from front tank and implement filter guard.

4. Remove drain plugs in implement filter covers.

5. Remove pilot filter cover.

6. Remove filter element.

7. Disassemble cover assembly. Inspect seal and use new one if necessary.
8. Wash screen in clean solvent.
9. Assemble cover.
10. Install new element.
11. Install cover.
12. Install drain plug.

13. Remove main tank filter cover and element assembly.

14. Remove retaining cotter pin and remove screen.

15. Remove elements.

16. Clean cover and inspect seal. Use new one if necessary.
17. Clean screen in clean solvent.
18. Install new elements and screen on cover.
19. Install cotter pin.

20. Install filter in main tank. Torque bolt to 43 ± 5 lb. ft. (6 ± 0,7 mkg). Install drain plug.

21. Lift off implement filters screens and remove elements.

22. Clean covers and inspect seal. Use new ones if necessary.

23. Install elements and screens on covers. Make sure elements and screens are properly seated.

24. Inspect gaskets on ends of screens. Replace if necessary.

25. Install element assemblies. Install drain plugs.
26. Start engine to circulate and fill filters.
27. Raise and tip bucket.
28. Return and lower bucket to the ground.

29. Check oil level. Add oil as necessary to bring level above ADD mark in gauge.

(18)Crankcase Breather

1. Loosen breather hose clamp and remove hose from cover outlet.

2. Loosen breather cover bolt.

3. Remove cover and element.
4. Clean element and shake or blow dry.
5. Clean cover and inspect cover seal. Use new one if necessary.

6. Install element and cover.