992 WHEEL LOADER Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (9)Engine Crankcase
2.1. (10)Drive Shaft Splines
3.1. (11)Steering Cylinders
4.1. (12)Bucket Control
5.1. (13)Lift Arm
6.1. (14)Alternator Belt
7.1. (15)Air Conditioner Pump Belts

(9)Engine Crankcase

Machine level, bucket lowered, parking brake set and engine stopped.

1. Remove crankcase drain valve plug, and open valve and allow to drain.

2. Remove oil cooler drain plug and allow to drain.

3. Remove filter housing drain plugs and allow to drain.

4. Loosen cover bolts and remove housing and filters.

5. Clean covers and inspect seals. Use new ones if necessary.

6. Clean housings and install housings and new elements. Clean and install drain plugs.
7. Close crankcase drain valve.
8. Clean and install drain valve plug.
9. Clean and install oil cooler drain plug.

10. Fill crankcase (refer to Refill Capacities).
11. Start engine and allow oil to warm.

12. Check oil level.

13. Add oil as required to bring level to FULL mark on ENGINE RUNNING side of gauge.

(10)Drive Shaft Splines

1. Loader must be fully articulated left or right before lubrication. Stop engine and remove key. Relieve hydraulic pressure. Lubricate 1 fitting in front shaft.

2. Lubricate 1 fitting in rear shaft. Fitting is located behind universal joint.

(11)Steering Cylinders

1. Lubricate 1 fitting in eye of each cylinder rod.

2. Lubricate 1 fitting at head end of each cylinder.

(12)Bucket Control

Lubricate linkage and cylinders. 8 fittings each side.

(13)Lift Arm

Lubricate lift arm linkage and head end of cylinder. 4 fittings each side.

(14)Alternator Belt

1. Check condition and adjustment of belt.

2. Correct adjustment allows 9/16 to 13/16 inch (14 to 20 mm) deflection. Loosen adjusting locknut.

3. Turn adjusting nut to obtain correct adjustment.

4. Tighten locknut and recheck adjustment.

(15)Air Conditioner Pump Belts

1. Check condition and adjustment of belts.

2. Deflection should be 9/16to 13/16 inch (14 to 20 mm) Loosen mounting bolts.

3. Loosen adjustment locknut.

4. Turn adjusting screw to obtain correct adjustment.
5. Tighten locknut.
6. Tighten mounting bolts.
7. Recheck adjustment.